Beauty Tycoon Book

novel - Magical Realism

Beauty Tycoon


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Ellen Wells, a 20 year cosmetic chemist finds herself transmigrated into a young girl's body in a parallel world. She ends up in a difficult situation, gets pregnant and breaks ties with her cruel family taking her younger sister with her. "Mabel, we are totally f*cked up.." Ellen whispered while looking at the $20 in her hands. " Sister, what should we do now?" " You just focus on your school. This grandmother, will see who can stop her from becoming rich." Ellen smirked as she steeled her heart. He was just a average man with no killer looks. But, will he able to open her heart to him? Follow the journey of Ellen in a whole new parallel world, who ascends from the depths of hell to become a beauty tycoon using her chemist knowledge. May be, she finds love in this life..

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