Beauty of Innocence Book

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Beauty of Innocence


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BEAUTY OF INNOCENCE Yasawathi gets pregnant unexpectedly as a teenager from Victor, the son of a co-owner of the estate where her father worked. Her appearance was disfigured due to a birth defect. She gives birth to a fatherless daughter who is socially stigmatized. Her disfigured mother was in constant conflict with Nandana Menike, who grew up inheriting the image of her father. She attends a mixed school and comes of age a little late. Samantha takes pity on her, who is constantly ridiculed by her school friends. Since Victor had emigrated to live abroad, control of the estate passed entirely to his uncle's son, Bernard. Bernard marries Victor's sister, Sandra. Nandana Menike, who is coming of age, is very similar to Sandra, proving that she is Victor's daughter Koinmenika, Nandana Menike's grandmother, cooks at the ‘Three-story stone bungalow’ where Bernard and Sandra live. Kapilasena, the son of Coin Menika's sister, and Yasawathi are secretly dating. Samantha Yasawathi who comes to meet Nandana Menike is chased away causing a lot of conflict. Yasawathi turns her head away as her daughter finds out about her relationship. Reservoir is being built along the Dumbara Hills with the assistance of the British Government for the development of the country. Bernard is under a lot of pressure as most of his property is supposed to belong to the reservoir. Sandra, who is attending a cousin's wedding in Australia, finds her first boyfriend back in the motherland in a precarious situation. Bernard becomes in charge of the care of Nandana Menike after Koinmanika died suddenly of a heart attack. Periyaware, the well-to-do servant of the three-story bungalow becomes the only savior of Nandana Menike, The book depicts the challenging life of Nandana Menike, who grew up in the company of Bernard, Sandra, Yasawathi and Periyavar. ‘Beauty of innocence’ is an in-depth study of human behavior.