Beautifully CruelBeautifully Cruel

Beautifully Cruel

by iLma

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[R-rated] A menacing explosion of morning alarm and the chirping of distant birds startled Hardin out of his abysmal nightmare. He flipped his eyes open and felt his body bathed in cold sweats. The twisted pile of dishevelled sheets around his limbs were probably because of his thrashing in sleep. Not that the room was entirely dark, everything was brighter than it should be. Probably because of the morning sun that darted through the mirror of this room. The Mirror! What's that on the mirror? Something was written on it with red bold letters. Hardin struggled to get himself up to satisfy his curiosity. The surpluses of his nightmare were still clinging his mind and the hangover was making his head feel the worse. He blinked his blurred vision to see clearly. "YOU STARTED IT BUT I WILL END IT" --- "Are you succubus?" He queried, the frustration was creeping inside, boiling his blood up. She let out a laugh. "Why? Did I have sex with you in your dream? If that so..." She paused, biting her lip. "I will make your dream come true and..." "And drink my blood?" He held his breath and restrained the enthusiasm of his body. She laughed again, sounded harsh, sarcastic. "Your blood is poisonous for me. I still haven't gained the power of hurting you." She paused and her piercing eyes darkened with a dangerous blackness. "because you possessed the fucking irritating Demon Lord's soul inside your body. Your Highness!" --- Author's Note: If you like this book, vote with your power stones. ~I don't own the cover.~ Follow me on Instagram: ilma_author Discord Server Link: https://discord.gg/adPxZqM Join Discord Server To Have Fun With Other Readers and Me.

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