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The pianist, was walking through the corridors of the academy of fine arts, determined to visit every corner of his new school, since he would spend it there for the next 4 years.

At that moment, he noticed a door, leading to an underground part of that school, "The old part of the school?" He said to himself aloud, opened the door and consequently went down those old metal stairs, ending in a long and narrow corridor, the pianist hesitated to continue advancing, but wanted to know that he was on the other side of that corridor.

Especially because he heard something in the distance, a beautiful voice singing, he felt that it was for him, as if that voice said "come to me, find me."

The wallpaper on the walls looked old, yellowish, although perhaps it was an effect caused by the little light that reached it, after a while the wallpaper finished and the red brick began. There in the middle was a wooden door, slightly wide with humidity.

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The melody continued, the boy was approaching an auditorium, he only had to walk down a large corridor and turn, while he walked, about to turn, the pianist began to feel despair when he noticed that the song was about to end.

Applause was heard, he arrived however by the crowd in ovation and the people standing, he did not manage to perceive her.

But from that moment something in his heart told him not to give up on finding the angel responsible for that melodious harmony..

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