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Read Beast Whisperer novel written by the author blanketskies on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is LGBT+ stories, covering cultivation, bl. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Character art available in chapter 0. ———–——— Ye Chen will finally soon be able to contract his first beast at the age of 14 during the Beast Hunt Ceremony, however, not only did he not contract any beast, he was heavily injured and had to be bedridden for a while. Meanwhile, his sect members mocked him for being incompetent and attempted to use their newly contracted beast to provoke him. Ye Chen, unaffected by such petty matters, continue to focus on his beast knowledge studies while spending time with his childhood friends, a pair of twins. Jealousy, hate and envy overwhelm his peers while they become obstacles for Ye Chen in his journey to becoming the beast whisperer. *Original Story* *World Building* *BL/Shonen-ai* *Fantasy* *Adventure* *Eastern Fantasy* *Wuxia/Cultivation*


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I'm finally done with the character's art and the book cover! At this point of time, I only did the art for the main characters, but I plan to design the visuals for some of the side characters sometime soon! I have the chinese version of the story as well. If anyone is interested, feel free to drop me a message. Also tried to fix the errors from the earlier chapters! Although there might still be some errors here and there, I believe it was much better than before. I will keep on improving it over time, thank you for your patience and constructive feedback!


currently up to 10 chapters. author spends a lot of time explaining about the world. very descriptive. many flashbacks. although it's under LGBT, don't see the gay yet, just very subtle hints of one of the twins being in love with the mc.personally feel its more martial arts category with a hint of romance.mc feels like the airhead kind but very lovable. enjoyed interactions between the trio. very compatible personalities. secretly hoping its a 3p but don't seem to very likely


Oml I love this book so much it’s so amazing I just started reading it today and this is by far the best book I’ve ever read keep up the good work author-san 


I really love your art...Especially the cover~!! The story is very well-written and hope that you will update often. If not, hopefully update a couple of times without going on hiatus~ We need more readers here!...Wuwuwu.


I like the characters but I am still a confused about the way sects work even though I read it multiple times also the twin with the fan seem like a background character who watches crush get it on with his brother.


Well to put it into a few words, it is a good piece indeed ❤ author's hard work could be sensed in how the world background works and is depicted. The initial two guides helped a lot and I suggest readers to memorize it beforr starting. The beastly elements amd the tinge of magic with other things are fully blended. As others pointed out a few errors are there which needs editing but they don't drag the plot down. (I often read reviews XD) Good work on the whole.


I really like this story so far. I know the characters are "stereotypes" like the main is the childish one but he can also be sensitive, intelligent and so on then he is friend with a person whith who he has a hate-love relationship with cute moments and a guy who is like the "wise" of the group. It's not that original, I agree but still, I'm waiting for the rest of the story, cuz I really want to see the development of these three and where this story will go. Even for the shitty-guy, I want to know what will happen to him ahah. So yep, I'm waiting for the rest, I don't know when the author will release it but I'll wait. I hope the story will be more complicated tho cuz it was easy to guess what will happen in these few chapters. So yes, this story is not with original story/characters but still the beginning of it is really nice to read. Thanks Author, I will be waiting for the rest ! I hope you're doing well in your daily life, hoping the best for you !


Why is it so slow in updating Why is it so slow in updating Why is it so slow in updating Why is it so slow in updating Why is it so slow in updating


I love the characters and the dynamic between them! An extremely enjoyable read! The story isn't too slow but things happen at a rate that is entertaining and enjoyable. Things are clear and I'm not wondering about anything.


As one of the readers of this book, i must say that so far im hooked and like it, hope theres an update every other day.. At the start i was bored but then upon reading after reading and chapter per chapter its getting me so excited that i dont want to sleep until im not finish reading.


Ive been reading this for awhile now, its fun reading it. But the chapter update is too slow. So for the author please update-update din pag may time. Salamat


It's very good so far. Definitely give it a read. ..................................................................... .....................................................................


i cant wait for the ml, thks for the update.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩. I love this story🤩.


Reveal spoiler


LOVE LOVE LOVE the character guide at the beginning of the story. Not only does it help you envision what the characters look like but It helps you connect with the characters as well. Great idea!


I like that there is a guide of some sort for the different groups and characters because all of those different groups and characters can get a little confusing and overwhelming over time.


I've read quite a lot of cultivation BL and I must say, this novel's cultivation rank is unique. The story is well written. My only problem would be the unnecessary commas outside the quotation marks is somehow distracting.


I have read many Wuxia/Xianxia novels and has seen many cultivation stereotypes. This has one of the most unique worlds I came across. It has a very special way of classifying their cultivators and cultivation levels - it was easy to understand and straight forward. It felt like a modern-day school system where one enrols into a school that they like. I enjoy that there is no discrimination between normal human being. This world felt inclusive and the author was very detailed (A little long-winded but that's ok). It might be too early to tell where the direction of the novel is going to but I have high hopes. Aside from very minor grammar errors which can be easily fixed, the author was able to relay her plot well. I saw the author posting on the forums and since BL is such a rare genre on webnovel I have decided to take a look. I was not disappointed.


It's a fairly good beginning. Tho there's a few grammatical errors here and there, it didn't really detract the reading experience. The world background was pretty straightforward making it easy to understand. The cultivation levels were not the usual cultivation levels used in novels like this. But since it's much easier to remember, I'm pretty fine with it. I can't really comment about the characters since it's only the beginning but I'm glad they're pretty distinct from one another. I do have one suggestion. Please use (,) or (.) when ending a dialogue. I noticed that you barely used either of those in your dialogues. 😊 Good luck!~


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