1 Beginning



A constant strike is heard as arrows pound against the shield wall.

Orders are shouted across the battle field as men begin to fill slots and spots in the shield wall another man at the far side falls to his knees with his shield raised.

Folke's face would tense up `Dang it`

Folke was one of the men stationed at the far side and back of the shield wall; he slipped his shield down a bit to see the battlefield.

Taking a quick look at the battlefield he could see the archers continue to drawback their longbows readied for another volley, the knights reigning their horses back getting ready for a flank to the shield wall. When he saw where the knights was positioned his solemn face turned into that of sheer terror `We can't do this!`

He slipped his shield back up after he saw the archers commander make a cutting motion with his hand signaling the archers for another volley. He turned his head to look at the man behind him in the shield wall but was met with a roar uttered from the commander that spread across the shield wall.

`They can't!`

``Brace! Do not let these donkey's on horseback scare you!`` The Commander shouted across the shieldwall while raising his hand and swiping causing the men to respond with their own war cry which echoed across the battlefield.

Folke's face looked around as his companions steeled their will and had already given up their lives for the village ready to die. Taking their courage and their will that they had left to the battlefield, Folke couldn't help but look at his companions and wonder how they were so strong even at this moment.

A horn was sounded across the battlefield causing Folke's eyes to snap back in front of him and look through the cracks of the shield wall again to see to his horror, the cavalry placing their lances horizontal and their horses with wild faces reeled into the air then back onto the ground and began to charge.

Folke's eyes widened as he began to see the cavalry charge, he heard of the knights of the other continent from many a vikingr who went raiding and about those who were unforunate enough to stay for too long raiding a lords village. The knight's were strong and bred to fight studying at the age of 7 their weapons and horses. While Folke who was a simple farmer who didn't know how to fight no one taught him anything, well he did get those few weeks to prepare for battle. But how is that supposed to help against the bred to fight warriors on horseback in front of him?

Folke began to panic and with sheer fear that filled into his heart he turned and began to run from the shieldwall.

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