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Folke's face looked at his companions who had already steeled their will and had already gotten ready to die. Taking their courage and their will to the battlefield, Folke couldn't help but wonder how they were so strong at this moment. A horn was sounded across the battlefield causing Folke's eyes to snap back in front of him and look through the cracks of the shield wall again to see to his horror, The Calvary placing their lances horizontal and their horses with wild faces reel into the air then back onto the ground and began to charge. _________________ Folke one of the lackeys of young bully's in his village has been bullied all his life and he uses the excuse to just survive and to not feel pain to justify himself from doing their bidding. Now he has been given the chance to actually change his distance in the world. Let us see what he does with it. Do not own picture.

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