1 Be my wife

once a upon a time there was two seatmates in one classroom, and that day was their first day at school, and the next happen they we're talk to each other and to be closed friends, as if they closed friends now, one girl ask another girl if she wants to be her bestfriend,

and another girl say "yes of course" and the girl and her bestfriend walking around the school while talking to each other, while they're talking , another girl ask her bestfriend that' " what's your name? the girl answered " my name is zyka, another girl say " oh wow thats beautiful name, the girl says " wow thank you" and the girl asked her back and say " and you whats your name?" and another girl answered too, she answered " well my name is chloe , zyka say your name such really good, and after that the school bell's ring and all students will go back to their classroom, as if they go back in the classroom one boy bumped into zyka, and chloe shouted the boy and say " what are you doing to my bestfriend, don't you see her? huh!? are you blind!?" and the boy apologized chloe and says " i- im so sorry i didn't see your friend cause i have to go back in my classroom, maybe next time i'll be careful, and chloe answered back " yeah! thats right, next time you should be more careful or else i'll punch you, and then zyka answered chloe " chloe! what are you doing? chloe: what you don't know him right? zyka: i know him chloe, i know him! ( angry face) chloe: wha- what? you- you know him? then who is he? zyka: well he's my boyfriend!! chloe: he- he's your boyfriend? tsk hahahaha he's your boyfriend huh? so what about me? don't you love me anymore? zyka: what are you talking about!? you don't even say anything like what you'ved say right now! and first of all if you think that im a lesbian, or bisexual or any gender you think, well im straight and sorry your not the type i want. chloe:b-but i loved you.( sad face) zyka: sorry i don't love you.

chloe: ( walks out)

and the next earlier zyka wakes up and and get her teeth brush, and as she brush her teeth, someone message her and it is chloe, and zyka read it and say. chloe: hey if you have some time would you mind to go me on a date, like our first date. and zyka ignore it once and after that as zyka finish to brush her teeth, she received a message to chloe again.

chloe: zykaaa! pls reply me i want to know how you feel when i became your friend.

zyka reply: you know what i don't have feelings for you, don't expect that i will inlove with you mkay? and first of all me and my boyfriend are happy to each other, so don't bother me anyway. chloe reply: you know what i don't care what you saying atleast i have feelings for you. zyka: tsk what ever.

and after that zyka went to the school gym alone. as she see chloe sitting right next to her she moved forward next to her adviser. and chloe didn't notice her, so zyka run went through the classroom. and after that zyka thinking a plan so that chloe will never bother her, and so zyka got a plan, she made a plan that one of her classmate ask chloe to go outside, and the plan success, so thats why chloe never bother him, and the next happen chloe decide to go back in the classroom cause its already 12:30 am, so now zyka has another plan to stop chloe bothering her, and after that, zyka's mom called her,

zyka's mom: zyka!? where are you? come home early cause i have some important i want to say to you.

zyka: why mom? what's kind of important it is?

zyka's mom: very important, just go home now, right now.

so zyka went through the house as she saw chloe sitting in their chair beside on her mom, zyka ignored chloe and talk to her mom.

zyka: mom? so this is what you called important? why chloe is here? what she's doing here? what she wants? is she have an important to say or nah? mmh??

zyka's mom: zyka pls, let me explained it to you, so why chloe is here because, she want to say that she has a crush on you sweetie.

chloe: yes zyka i have crush on you, maybe i hide my feelings for you because i know you don't have feelings for me.

zyka: yeah i don't have feelings for you? so now i ask you what are you doing here? and why are you holding my hand?

chloe: cause i love you.

zyka: i thought you have crush on me? why would you say i love you if you have already crush on me? tsk. whatever, maybe you just leave now, just leave me alone ok.

zyka's mom: wait.

zyka: why mom?

zyka's mom: pls don't let her leave.

zyka: and why? why would i don't let her leave in this house?

zyka's mom: cause we planned about your arrange marriage.

zyka: what? so you planned all of this? wth! i don't care, i don't want to be part of chloe's life.

and the second day of school, chloe wakes up and go to the bathroom and brush her teeth, and then go to shower after that she wear her uniform and sock and then shoes, and go to school earlier to not be late at class, and after that she saw zyka sitting on the bench while studying, chloe think, what if she go to zyka and talk to her and give an apologize. and chloe did it she go to zyka, she's acting like she don't know nothing, and after that zyka move backward rightnext to chloe, and chloe blushed cause its her first time to get closer at zyka while sitting, and next happen zyka hold her hand to make chloe blushed and shy, and after that chloe decide to kiss zyka at her lips, thats why zyka got a first move which means she kissed first at chloe, and then leave, chloe thinks zyka is lesbian or maybe zyka likes her, after that chloe go to the classroom and sitting right next to zyka, and then one of their classmate went through zyka which is her name is christine that has crush on zyka, and zyka has crush on christine, and thats why chloe got jealous because christine shouldered zyka while they talking about future, and secondly one of their classmate went through chloe and her name is lyka which is zyka's second bestfriend. and lyka something needs to be said that zyka and christine are both legal sides, and then chloe got more jealous of them, and chloe ask lyka.

chloe: lyka? why would she choose christine over me?

lyka: you know why? cause christine make her happy even if zyka has a problem. and chloe answered.

chloe: really?? i don't know that well i'll make a way for zyka to be mine.

lyka: no! really you will make a way for zyka to be with you, that's not an interesting plan.

chloe: idc

lyka: *sigh its all up to you girl.

and after that chloe went to zyka and ask something.

chloe: zyka? can we talk for a while?

zyka: yeah ok, where we going?

chloe: just follow me.

zyka: o- ok

and then they go to the back of the library and they start talking.

chloe: hey zyka i just want you to know that im falling for you, so pls just give me a chance.

zyka: what do you mean? you mean just more than friends? thats what you want?

chloe: yeah thats what i want, so pls give me chance, i don't know what to do if i saw you and christine will hold hands. im jealous .

zyka: tsk really? you're jelly. you are very jealous of christine, even she's just my childhood friend.

chloe: really? so it means what lyka said is not true?

zyka: yes its not true, i mean thats my plan to know how you be jealous.

chloe: you're just acting like i don't know.

zyka: now i want to ask you.

chloe: what it is?

zyka: can you be my girlfriend?

and chloe started to pale and her cheek started to blush.

chloe: whaat?? is this real or not?

zyka: tsk haha you know what? its very real.

so whats your answer, yes or no.

chloe: its a BIG Yes ( happy face)

zyka: hehe, c'mon lets go back to the classroom.

chloe: okay.

and after that they are going to home.

and the third morning its valentines day and its their 1st monthsarry.

so chloe texted zyka at the time of 12:30 am

chloe: hey baby, where are you? i'ved missed you so much if you have time, can we go out for date?

zyka replied: hey babe, yes of course for you, we can go out for a date, so what's day it is? oh its our umm... 1st monthsarry right?

chloe: ye- yeah its our 1st monthsarry , phew i thought you forgot our monthsarry.

zyka: yeah, i almost forgot.

and after they date they go home right away..

and the next day zyka's mom got a planned to go home at canada. and at last zyka didn't chat chloe or say goodbye to her.