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thanks for commenting, what I have to say is that this story is my first novel, so I have no experience in developing chapters, I always thought of releasing a novel, but when I developed the chapters it was difficult to reach more than 1,500 words that is normal and I was discouraged and gave up, so a teacher of mine told me to write short and see if people read that would encourage me, I did this and seeing the staff commenting makes me happy, I ask you to have patience I will improve with practice. my weakness is the dialogue between the characters, so pay more attention to the story itself and to the development of mc that is my forte. Comment more, but avoid giving only 1 star in the review


It's so wrong of you to have a novel that could be so much better held back by grammar issues. The story is there, the character is there, but the last of the big three THE GRAMMAR is no where to be found. I can get past the dialogue issue, but you just can't throw commas at a run-on and expect that to solve it. It has gotten to the point that I'm wondering if you read over what you write. At one point in the Novel you even call the MC a young woman (specifically ch.35). I've tried pretty hard to read this novel, but the mistakes are too glaring to let slide. Even when I skimmed through I was noticing mistakes. Without an editor I feel I'm being pretty lenient giving it this score. If you are serious about this novel you should really consider working with someone to fix the mistakes.


Great story, I was really surprised at how good it is. The description said system and we have a system, it said sport we have the sport. I just would like for it to be updated more as it is very good!


although there are issues with grammer etc, i love this novel . keep going !!!,!,!,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..!.!!!!,!!,!,!???..!!!!,,,,,,,,,,,,,!,!!,==¢÷`^`×|×^~|¶¶`Π^~÷`×~Π÷€|°`×€√~`=|^÷|÷|×`°~^``¶∆`°|Π|Π`°€×€°°÷`×`×°©™®\×¢`℅`]


It's a great story that is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Although the grammar was pretty horrendous at the start it has become readable even for someone that is pretty critical towards the later chapters. It has a very good story development and decent writing if you look past the grammar. Overall very enjoyable for me and I think everyone should give it a try. If you can bear with the grammar I think most people will thoroughly enjoy it.


This novel has a good story and characters development however the non-premium chapters badly need editting. I unlocked the first premium chapter to check and it's easily more readable than the non-premium chapters I have read so far (chapter 25). The problem is the grammar and sentence structure are terrible. It's almost like every word in a sentence has been placed in a random order before moving onto the next sentence and repeating the same thing. Don't get me wrong, it's possible to read however I found that I was having headaches trying to read it. Everything else is absolutely fine my only problem is that I struggle to read it and it's taking the enjoyment out of the novel for me. The only reason everything else isn't 5 stars is because I can't read the story clearly enough to give a definite rating so I left them at 4 stars because the plot seems interesting and the author has some great ideas but without being able to properly read it I cannot happily rate it higher. I might try to continue reading if the chapters get eddited or just slowly over time in order to spread out the strain of reading it. Good luck author and I wish you the best but I can't personally read it yet.


I absolutely am addicted to this novel. I almost gave it up because the grammar is a little hard to follow in the beginning but it gets better. I think its wonderful that this story is about following dreams after being reborn.


Overall its good the story developed in a good way but the way he train is just insane and it feel Like he would be a pro already but I know that its a fantasy ich novel so it just bugging me and I dont mind it that much. I know people commented on the grammar but it really suck and I knew it is hard to write english too cuz English my second language. Like I get the overall sentence and stuff cuz I read google translation chinese novel. It just need a bit of editing sentence strcuture and it will be good, so if you trust me I would like to edit your work for you.


I really like this storyline but I'm very sorry to say that I have to convince myself after every chaper to continue with it. English isn't my mother tongue either and I don't dare to say that my English is perfect but after almost 80 ch. there is simply no improvement regarding the grammar and this is really bothering me. That novel has the potential to climb up in the rankings if the grammar is fixed.


I cant say alot about this story because I didnt get further than the first chapter... the grammar just kulled my reading spirit and i couldnt go on From other reviews it seems like the story itself is praiseworthy, but I will have to wait until the author finds an editor. Please fix your grammar!!!


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This novel has a very good premise, the MC works hard and has a system and I like that combination a lot however there are quite a few problems I had with the novel. Firstly, the MC works very hard and has OP skills ranked SS etc however he's not that impressive. Sure, he's better than the others but he's not astoundingly good and he improves quite slowly despite his 99 luck stat and system. That being said, he is very good. Secondly, the romance is utterly forced, the MC's personality is like 'I love my mom so much, I'll do whatever to make her happy and even have her live with me and my wife after I get married.' MC is also very boring in my opinion, his actions are really robotic and also the way he talks is (or how it's written). However, the biggest problem is the grammar for me. If an editor was hired it would retain a lot more people to read this I think. Paying SS for grammar of this quality sucks. This is not the author's native language, yes, but for the novel to be pay-walled it should have good grammar. A few more points; the upload speed is very good, the author doesn't take long hiatuses like other authors of original novels or even translations. If you're a fan of basketball and steady growth of a main character playing it I recommend this.


This story is Awesome. It could easily become a top 10 original novel on this site in my mind. The only issue keeping this story back from being one of the best? Grammar. The Author appears to be using Machine Translations to translate this story leaving it full of terrible Grammar. At least the spelling is on point. If the author had an English speaking Editor go through this it will rapidly rise in the rankings. But as is? This story will turn newcomers off really REALLY fast. The grammar is just that horrendous. people even defend the author talking about how he/she has no obligation to better his grammar. Then he paywalls it?


I have read many sports novel which involves use of system but i found this novel far better than others. I also like the idea of choosing other professions in this novel.


Overall this novel is fking good. Since theres a paywall, why not hire an editor? Theres alot of editors and proofreaders online you can hire. Just check on Reddit. Its one of the good reincarnation novel around. Dont let grammar spoils the novel.


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Thanks Again for a wonderful works...it was kinda hard to look for basketball sports genre..it's just too few..and your one of the earliest and long lasting novel...keep it up on uploading good chapters...thanks again...


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So you basically got a novel with a great idea here with a pace at which you wish it could be faster. But you know it is for the best. Dont get me wrong you can 9redict what is going to happen next but there are a few suprises which make it a great read.



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