182 The Kiss Under the Plum Tree

There was only a hair's distance between us. I could feel his shock as his breath caught, his lips slightly trembling. My heart pounded, and I wasn't sure if it was still from anger or from my own nervous anticipation.

I hadn't asked him to kiss me purely out of impulse. As much as I was mad at his attempt to fool me and arrange everything for me without my consent, it was the reason behind why he did these that hurt me the most. He didn't believe in how much he meant to me. He didn't believe my feelings for him were something that could never be replaced. And that was why he was still trying to push me away, because he didn't think that his death would leave an unhealable scar over my heart. He saw no point in even trying to fight for a chance, because he thought that the sooner I let him perish, the sooner I'd be able to start a new life without being trapped by our painful past.

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