134 So Many Eyes

The mystery didn't stay unanswered for long. Another howl followed, then another, each one closer than before. In no time, we found ourselves staring into the eyes of … a giant octopus as tall as two people, walking on its tentacles.

Staring into its eyes indeed. Whatever monster this was, it was covered in eyes. Countless black irises stared back at us from all over its body, their lids opening and closing one after one, and as the tentacles twirled, more eyes folded on top of each other, staring and blinking in a chaotic heap. I fought the roil in my stomach. Behind me, I heard Peng Yao already gagging.

Xie Lun cursed. "I know what this stone is now. It's a power bait … an artifact used by spiritual pet trainers to summon their beasts or capture new ones. I shouldn't have tried invoking it."

"Are you saying this thing is a pet?" I glared at the octopus. I didn't want to meet the owner if that was the case.

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