122 Home Is Where the Heart Is

It was way past midnight when we sneaked back into Jade Temple, but I didn't feel like sleeping at all. Bai Ye helped me put away the new purchases into my closet and, disregarding my protest, shoved me into bed. "I lost track of time," he said with a tinge of remorse as he tucked me under the blanket. "You need rest … Get some sleep before it's too late."

I chuckled. I knew he was thinking about my menses—he always became nagging like this whenever he was worried about my health. "I'm feeling fine this time," I assured him. "The tuber fleece flower must've helped."

More than fine, actually. I didn't feel cold like last month at all, and I was still wearing my summer robes in the middle of autumn while Bai Ye had already put on an extra layer for the season. The drastic improvement shocked me a bit, but considering how much effort we put into finding that tuber fleece flower, I suppose I shouldn't expect less.

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