137 Hidden Treasure

Peng Yao's master raised an eyebrow at Bai Ye's offer. Su Nian's lips curled with some sort of triumphant air. Teng Yuan, on the other hand, gave me a glare filled with suspicion.

"Your master has a point," Su Nian turned to me and said. "I'm sure you can still find good use of it. Don't young girls love little animals? Maybe it's not a bad idea to get a spiritual pet for yourself too."

I managed the best smile I could. She sure knew how to pick all the right words while talking to me. Young girls? Was that a reminder of how big a difference lay between Bai Ye and me?

Bai Ye paid no heed to her comment. He fetched the artifact from the pile and was about to pass it to me when Teng Yuan reached out and stopped him, laying a hand on top of the orb.

"I'm curious to see it work," Teng Yuan said. His tone sounded casual. "I wasn't paying attention when Xie Lun summoned it earlier. Bai Ye, would you mind showing me how this draws spiritual beasts towards it?"


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