44 Hidden Side

I sat in the garden after I returned and flipped the talismans back and forth in my hands, still a little uncertain. But however I looked at them, I couldn't find anything that made these sheets stand out from the rest.

"Something wrong?" Bai Ye noticed my strangeness when he passed through the corridor.

"I'm not quite sure …" I flashed the talisman sheets I was holding. "These are the supplies I picked up at the main peak this morning. The person that gave them to me fetched these out of a different pile from the rest, so I wonder if there is anything special about them. I haven't found anything yet though, maybe I'm just overly suspicious."

"It never hurts to be cautious," he strode over and sat down next to me. "Let me take a look."

I handed him one of the sheets and watched him examine it carefully.


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