41 Don't Stop

We both moaned. He held my waist and dug his fingers lightly into my hips. I pressed my hands over his and gripped them.

This felt different from usual. He filled me fuller, tighter, relieving the yearnings from every fiber inside me. I flexed my inner muscles, clenching him as I raised my hips and sat back down again, captivated by the sensation. Another light groan escaped him, and he cupped my buttocks and squeezed.

"Did you learn this from your dreams too?" He almost gritted out the words.

I didn't. I was only trying to mimic the same thing he always did to me, and from the look of him, it must've worked.

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"Do you like it?" I asked instead, keeping up the rhythm.

"Like it?" He locked eyes with me. His gaze was dark, but something glinted from within it, roaring with heat. "You have no idea how bewitching you are right now, Qing-er. You can make a man die for you.."

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