136 Divvying up the Loot

"Top prize?" Peng Yao gasped. "Why did it look like the top prize almost killed her?"

No one replied, and I knew three pairs of eyes were staring behind me with the same question. After a while, when my strength had finally returned, I got back onto my feet with Bai Ye's help. "I feel much better now," I said to him with a carefully detached tone. "Thank you for coming to my rescue."

"What just happened?" Peng Yao asked. She was never one to hold her questions back. "Did you know what that top prize was, Master Bai Ye?"

"A power enhancer." Bai Ye smiled at me. "Your cultivation progress has just advanced by twenty years."

My eyes widened. Power enhancers, like spiritual stones, weren't hard to come by at large cultivation sects like Mount Hua, but they typically only boosted progress by such small amounts that the effect would be barely noticeable. Twenty years worth? That was unheard of.


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