2 Chapter 2

I couldn't take in all his beauty in one glance, it was too much. I blinked a couple of times to ensure that it was really what I was seeing. Suddenly it was hard to catch my breath, it was out of my reach. Every time I thought I'd gotten it, it would slip away. I hesitated to glance at him, not knowing what feature of his I want to admire first. He had stormy golden eyes that resembled the sun. His luscious brown hair was swept back from the many times he had run his fingers through it. His thick red lips slightly parted in a way that was almost seductive. I wondered who the girl in the photo was and why he was staring at her like she was both the best and the worst thing to have happened to him.

He suddenly turned his face and bore his eyes into mine and I gasped out loud.

"You're awake," he stated, putting the picture frame down.

"W-who are you," I meant to snap but instead I hardly whispered it. I tried to sit up and felt immediately dizzy.

My knees buckled in and Damon's arms quickly caught me and laid me back down on the bed. It felt odd to be close to him and I couldn't help but flinch away from his cold touch.

"Who are you," I asked again, this time with more strength.

"I'm Damon. My little brother Seth and I were walking and found you on the ground, there were some bad winds so I'm guessing you tripped and hurt yourself pretty badly," something about his soothing and calm voice made me want to trust him," We brought you back here because you were bleeding, Seth is just getting a first aid kit."

"I-I remember the winds and something about it being Seth's fault or something and how you're taking me to a guarded castle and-" I began to stammer but Damon quickly cut me off.

"Okay listen human, we are going to heal your cut so you don't bleed to death then we will take you back and act as if this never happened, okay?" there was a flash of something dangerous in his eyes that told me to just agree.

"Why are you helping me?" I asked instead," You don't even know me, why not just call the police?"

"Because it was our fault you fell down," he responded.

"How?" I asked, scrunching up my face.

"You ask too many questions," he sighed.

"What is this place?" I swallowed before asking,"do you kill people?"

"Something like that," he replied nonchalantly.

I couldn't tell if he was joking or not. At the shocked expression on my face, he rolled his eyes.

Seth walked in and smirked, tossing the first aid kit to his brother," You woke her up."

Seth was tall like his brother but much thinner. His brown hair and eyes were identical to Damons and you could tell he was much younger.

"No, she woke up," Damon responded.

"I don't get it, why don't we just drink her?" he asked.

I let out a breathless gasp and stared at the two brothers wide-eyed.

"Because, someone else like her might know she's here," said Damon.

This has to be a sick joke. My eyes watered and my heart came pounding against my chest.

I have to get out of here!

Damon examined the first ad kid in his hands and forcefully threw it back into the hands of Seth.

"This is empty you idiot!"

"I checked every shelf, that was the only one we have."

Damon's eyes flared with anger as he stared down at me and spoke," Stay here."

He stormed out of the room with Seth trailing behind him. I hardly gave it three seconds before I stood up carefully and quietly, making my way out the door and into the biggest hallway I've seen in my life. It went on forever into dark shadows that gave me the chills. This was no doubt, a castle. Crimson curtains lined the corridors and matching carpets hid the floors. I brought my hand up to undo the curtains in hopes of revealing a window but instead was met with brick walls instead that hung multiple paintings. I examined one of a man carrying a girl in his arms while kissing her neck. It took me a second glance to realize that the blood pouring from her neck meant that he was in fact, biting. I gasped and took a few steps back and kept walking. I tried to separate more curtains but was met with more brick walls and paintings.

This one was of Damon. In the painting, he had fangs and an expression that could put me six feet under. He looked almost hungry, animalistic but it was luring in a way. Suddenly I heard voices behind me shout out "Damn human!"

Without looking back, I began to run despite the fact that my vision started to blur again. I didn't get very far before I realized that Damon had already appeared in front of me.

"What," I muttered, looking back at where he was standing"How did you do that?"

"Do what?" he asked, clearly annoyed, and picked up and threw me over his shoulders like I was nothing but a leaf.

"How did you do that!" I repeated," how did you get to me so fast-"

"Shut up."

He flung me back down on the bed and ordered me to sit. I was more afraid than before and did exactly as I was told. He took out the first aid kit and began working on my knee. I watched as he took out a piece of gauze and began to clean up my wound. I couldn't help but be aware of his skin on mine. It almost felt impossible to bear, like I had to push him away but I knew he wouldn't let me. Instead, I tried to focus on his facial features

"Where's Seth?" I asked after a couple of minutes of silence.

His head lifted up immediately then he went back to working on my leg," he was hungry."

Something about the way he said it told me he wasn't talking about regular food. I took in three long breaths and waited for him to finish working on my leg. Finally, I gathered the courage to ask another question.

"What did Seth mean when he said why don't we just drink her?" I asked.

He looked up at me and smiled in a way that was almost wicked,"You ask so many questions but you know what? You can't handle the truth so shut up and let me finish cleaning these damn cuts."

Suddenly Seth walks in, his white shirt now stained with something red. I felt nauseous at the thought of what that might be.

He smirked and glanced right at me," that was a messy one!"

My eyes bulged out and I stared at him in shock.

Damon stood up and barked at his brother," What the hell do you think you're doing, go change."

"I thought you'd be done!" he said.

"Do you have any idea what would happen if father found out just how careless and stupid you've been-"

"What the hell is going on!" I yelled out, not being able to take any of it anymore. How could one wrong turn end up leading me here? I was sick and tired and I needed answers.

Damon turned around. His eyes had gone from their original golden color to a dark and angry charcoal.

"You need to learn to keep your mouth shut." he hissed out through his teeth.

Without warning, a girl storms through the doors and into the bedroom. I immediately recognized her as the girl in the photos. Isabelle.

She was breathtaking in real life with jet black hair and skin that was almost porcelain.

"What is going on here" she greeted, her black eyes looking me up and down suspiciously, "why did you bring a villager here?"

"Isabelle," said Seth, leading her out," I thought you already ate." Isabelle turned back around and her eyes landed upon me and she smirked," you saved some for me."

"no, not exact-" but it was too late.

Within a millisecond she stood less them a centimeter away from me, her eyes now hungry and her fangs extended.

I opened my mouth to scream but the force of her palms against my lips sealed them shut. Instead, I stared at her with wide and terrified eyes.

I felt her drag her nose against the side of my neck, sniffing me. She used her extended fangs to trail down my skin. I felt my heart thud abruptly against my chest and the pinch of her sharp fangs on my skin.I screamed out as she dug them deeper into my skin. The pain was electrifying. My body went limp beneath me and I felt her quick arms wrap around my waist. She dug her teeth deeper into my wound and the burning feeling began to fade until all I felt was a tug.

In the distance, I saw Seth's eyes turn dark and his fangs extend. He walked towards me, his vision fixated on every droplet of blood that rolled down my neck. I felt my vision begin to fade and the same coma that held me captive before returning to reclaim me.

This was it. I was going to die, at the hands of something I had no idea existed.

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