1 Chapter 1

Be Careful When You Bite Me

The night's cold glare gazed over my body as I fought through constant harsh winds. Upper north, there stood my car, glinting as if gazing passionately towards the moon.

Hell of a lot of winds for an October, I thought, finally reaching my car. I unlocked the door and got in, feeling relief from the cold as it washed over me. I took a few minutes to think but there was no other thought other than the fact that I was lost and my phone had died. I had to be at least a couple of hours away from home and the thought to take a road trip all alone was quickly turning into the worst idea I had ever had. I let my muscles relax, seeming as if they don't have to fight anymore, then I began to drive.

That night, the winds never settled. In fact, they got stronger and harsher. I pushed on the gas harder and harder hoping my car would make it up the hill, but the winds were too strong.I was persistent but I knew no matter how hard I tried that I'd never make it up so I gave up and got out of the car.I headed down the hill and back into the small town.I looked for somebody, anybody but the town was completely empty. The time had to be around 7 or 8 pm but it was almost pitch blackout. Another wave of wind hit me hard, I fell back some steps then I kept going. Every shop was closed and every window was nailed shut. I couldn't help but notice the garlic that hung from the roof of each doorway along with the religious crosses and pictures of people who were down on their knees and worshipping something.

I sighed, realizing the cosmic joke that was my life to get stuck in no other place than this creepy town. Suddenly, something hard and wet hit my head.I picked it up from the ground and saw that it was garlic.

I threw it to the ground and looked from left to right.Fear slowly began to engulf me and I tried to go back towards my car but the winds were too strong. I tried to hold on to sticks or branches but they only broke.A wave of wind sent me falling and rolling back down the hill.


I felt my knee scrape against a rock. My blood spilled over the ground and I found myself dizzy from all the rolling. I felt someone approach and suddenly, the wind started to slow down. They grew calmer as I felt the footsteps get nearer and nearer until the winds completely stopped.

"That wasn't supposed to happen," said a voice.

"You took it too far, again!" snapped another.

I kept my head down and my eyes closed in fear that they might be dangerous.

"It's only my third try!" snapped the first voice," you're always such a jerk Damon!"

"Most Cold Ones get it the first try!" replied the other whom I assumed was Damon.

"What do we do now?" he asked.

"We have to put her somewhere where she can't be found, then we'll leave her there," he said.

Her? Were they talking about me? Do they even see that I'm here?

I tried to peek up above the rock but the only thing I could make out was two male figures.

"We can't do that! Look at the cut on her knee and her arm, she will bleed to death!"

I had a cut on my arm? I looked down at my hands and sure enough, they were drenched with the blood that was dripping down my elbow.

"She's not our responsibility, nobody has to know it's you."

"You mean us."

"I am not going to be responsible for something that you caused Seth! Get that!" snapped Damon.

Why would they think that they were responsible for my injuries? I was beginning to wonder if I should say something but part of me was too scared to make out words.

"But we have to do something, we can't let her bleed to death, she isn't a villager, she's not from here!"

I heard a tired sigh,"We can't take her to the castle, the guards will see and inform father."

"Or maybe we can, we have the old tunnel that leads through the back garden."

I felt my stomach start to twist and the sudden urge to vomit. I grew more lightheaded watching my blood flow down the gravel. My face began to hurt as I kept it pressed against the pavement and my knees burned.

Who were these guys and what the hell did they want with me?

"We could go through the back stairsand go down the tunnel. It will lead us to the main garden and from then we can take her to my room."

"The castle is guarded, how are we going to get to the stairs?"

"Not the stairs, not now, that's how I used to sneak out."

Castles and guards?

Part of me prayed that this was some stupid game meant to scare off lost and wandering tourists but the other part of me knew from the second I stepped into this town that something wasn't right. My surroundings suddenly began to shift and spin around me as I struggled to grasp a hold of reality. I could feel the dark figures approaching closer but I didn't have the strength to escape. I felt a pair of arms reach down and lift me from behind the rock and I tried to open my mouth to scream but nothing came out. The fight against my lids was fruitless and the urge to pass out was like an endless battle. Soon enough the coma completely took over my consciousness and I felt myself slip into slumber.

I blinked my eyes a couple of times until they opened and were greeted with darkness. My senses took a couple of seconds to register that I was being carried by one of the strange men from the hill.

"Can't you carry her Damon?" asked a filmier voice.

"No, this will help with your resistance."

I quickly shut my eyes before they realized that I was awake.

These people are insane.

I had to get out of here and make a run for it towards my car now that the winds have stopped but how would I do that. I had no idea how long I was passed out for or how far away is my car. I thought about attacking them both but I knew I stood no chance. I sensed a powerful and dangerous aura off of them. Fear and curiosity began to flood my brain and I felt a migraine arise.

Where are they taking me? Are they going to hurt me?

I opened my eyes the slightest bit but I saw nothing. After a couple of minutes, the hands that were carrying me handed me through a window. New hands grabbed me and I could only assume they switched. Seconds later I was engulfed by light despite my closed eyes.

"This way," hissed a voice.

"I know, I live here!"

"Come on, we gotta go," said Damon and began walking again.

I was terrified. I felt the goosebumps spread across my body and the hairs at the back of my neck lift.

Should I say something? Why does it feel impossible to speak!

A couple of minutes later, I felt myself being lifted down onto a bed. I urged to open my eyes but I did not want them to know that I was conscious in hopes that they would leave me alone and I could escape.

"Seth, go get the first aid kit, I'll wait here," said Damon.


"This is my room, why can't I stay with her while you get the first aid kit?" asked Seth.

"I won't touch the photos of Isabelle."


As if speaking through gritted teeth, Damon responded with, "Seth, Go."

I gave it a few seconds and decided to finally open my eyes. I was inside a large bedroom. The largest bedroom I have ever seen in my life and no doubt, the strangest. The walls were a deep maroon color and the entire aesthetics of the furniture was like something out of an old horror movie. I wanted to lift myself and look around but I caught sight of a figure standing beside the closet.

So that must be Damon.

From what I could see, he was tall, very tall, standing well over six feet. I could tell that he clearly worked out from the bulging muscles of his back trying not to break out of his black t-shirt. I watched him reach over and touch a picture frame, trailing his index finger along the jawline of a picture of a girl's face. I quickly shut my eyes when he began walking towards me not having time to catch a glimpse of his face. I felt his presence get closer and I loosened my eyes so I could peek. I couldn't keep them closed anymore. I let the adrenaline take over and opened them all the way.

I almost gasped out loud at how beautiful he was. He was standing just a few feet away from me, just a little more than half his face within my view. In his hands was the same picture frame.

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