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Be By You

by Favour_Nyarko

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They sat cuddled together, the warmth radiating from either of them, making them forget how cold the night was, his arms were wrapped around her small body, she snuggled closer to him, her back resting against his chest as they sat on the wet grass, both heads raised up, lost in their little world , watching as the stars twinkled and winked down on them, the moon was bright that night, and insects made buzzing noises around them, fireflies shed off their lights in order to catch the young lovers attention. It was a beautiful sight, to see two people, in love with each other, in a way nothing at all could separate them, a bond so strong that even the Almighty couldn't fathom. It was definitely God's plan, He alone could make a bond that strong. She sighed, a smile playing on her lips, he leaned closer, kissing her neck softly, his arms wrapped tighter around her stomach as if he was going to loose her if he let go, it made her smile even more, she couldn't even open her eyes. "It's God plan, for us to be together. You, Aria, know deep down in your heart that you belong to me and me to you and I alone can complete you" He finally answered her, kissing her again, his love for her showing in his little gestures and actions. "You'll always be by me, I'll always be by you"

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