1 Chapter 1

Ren felt tired, oh so tired, yet he was scared. Something was screaming at him, the absolute depths of his consciousness, 'Don't fall asleep!' followed by the thoughts 'If you sleep, you won't wake up!', it was urgent and hurried. He was so tired, he wanted to sleep, but he knew he could not.

He struggled, but it was as if his body was held down by a sleep paralysis demon, sitting on his chest so he could not move. He struggled with all his might, just trying to rustle his body the slightest, hoping for the smallest momentum. Eventually, he struggled and moved, bit by bit. As his joy at movement enthralled him, the pressure increased.

As if he was the ancient Sisyphus who's boulder just kept falling back down the hill when he was almost there. This made him feel annoyed, and a bit powerless. Yet, he felt something else, anger. Something was trying to make him sleep, he did not know what, but he refused, he struggled tenfold, desperately clawing for consciousness.

At last he swung his arm out, and it felt like he collided with a steel wall and he was reflected. He was even more angry, something wanted to trap him! His arms changed, his five fingers turned into claws, desperately slashing at the metal wall, slashing and scratching, as if his life depended on it, he sunk into a non-stop delirium.

Eventually, with a final tear, the metal wall opened a crack, and bright light shined through this crack, invigorated by this light, he struggled even more madly. He smashed his clawed hands, bit with his sharp teeth, and rammed with the horns on his head. His change of form did not even seem to spark recognition in his haze filled mind.

The only thought was to escape, desperately escape, and that he did, squeezing his body through the crack, caught up by two flaps of skin on his back, wings, before he finally made it through. Bathed in the light of a rising sun on the horizon, Ren stood on four legs, standing in a daze as his mind was blank.

Two vast streams of information poured into his head, it burned him, he only caught a few of the early bits of knowledge, before the rest settled in the deepest depths of his mind. Then 6 light spots emerged, three purple and three crystal clear, they then started to collide, seemingly incompatible as fire and water.

Finally, they seemed to wear out, being evenly matched, they merged and sunk into his soul. Then, it was as someone poured a basin of cold water on his head, his mind was instantly awake, processing all that happened to him. Ren then started to freak out, looking at his clawed hands, struggling to turn his neck to look at his back, two wide fan-like wings, and a long slender tail.

He was no longer human! He was a dragon! He sat down in a daze, staring outside of the cave he now rested in, looking at the forest below. The last thoughts he had was when he was human, he was crossing the road during the day, there was at least a block in each direction, clear of cars.

So he started to cross the street, but he was instantly hit! Not by a car, but by a meteor! He still lived though for a while though, enough time for someone to discover him and call an ambulance, he kept hearing people talk about a cube that destroyed his heart. He stayed awake until the operating table when they put him under. He fell asleep and never woke up.

He started to wonder, he had a family, two sons and a lovely wife, one of his sons just informed him recently that his wife was pregnant, making him a soon to be grandfather. He died only when he was in his late forties, he was still very healthy. He wondered how his family would take his death, he hoped they didn't become too sad.

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He shook away his dark thoughts, and started to process the information he just received. It was the draconic inheritance, he got the inheritance of both his parents, a male dream dragon, and a female soul dragon. He then inferred his situation from the early information he received, he is a hybrid.

Technically he is still a true dragon, as he is a perfect hybrid of two true dragon bloods. Yet, other dragons in his situation either don't live, or are born with deformities. He did not have any mirrors to check himself, but he did not feel weird in any place. He inherited his mother's soul dragon wings, yet, his scales are a misty purple.

Soul dragons have a clear see through body, their scales are the same. Dream dragons are wingless and are more of a purple mist in the shape of a dragon. Though both are considered true dragons. There are five categories of dragons, and any dragon not in these categories are considered miscellaneous dragons.

The five main categories are Metallic, Chromatic, Gem, Planar, and Lung. Dream and Soul dragons fall under none of these categories and considered miscellaneous dragons. Ren himself can be considered a very talented dragon with a potential of three talents. He awoke three talents from each bloodline, then they forcibly merged.

From his soul dragon bloodline he awakened the 'Soul Eater', 'Mind Space', and 'Soul Fire' dragon talents. From his dream dragon bloodline he awakened the 'Consciousness Eraser', 'Dream Realm', and 'Ecstasy Fire' dragon talents.

Besides for the two fire talents that affect his dragon's breath, the other four are considered the best of the best of what he could have awakened. Yet, soul eater and consciousness eraser merged, dream realm and mind space merged, and the two fire talents merged.

He had to now discover what his three new abilities were, and he decided to start with the simplest. He got up, and took a moment to get used to his body, and walking on all fours. Once settled, he aimed outside the cave and took a deep breath, and activating his dragon's breath, he roared, announcing his presence to the world.

A deep purple flame spewed from his gaping maw traveling about 10 meters before dissipating. He carefully ruminated over what he felt, his eyes got brighter every second, then filled with a horror as he realized something.

The ecstasy dragon fire of the dream dragon makes people fall into a state of reverie, allowing the dream dragon to use their other skills involving dreams. The soul dragon's soul dragon fire burns the target's soul and causes unimaginable pain. Yet, when the two combined, the ecstasy soul fire, the ecstasy part covers the pain of the target, making it a silent killer.

So even if one breaks through the state of reverie, they will never realize their soul is slowly burning to ashes, making it a very sinister ability. He then tried out the next merged ability, Soul eater and Consciousness eraser, but he found he couldn't activate it, meaning it was a passive one. He then tried his last ability, merged from mind space and dream realm.

Instantly, he felt like his thoughts were sucked to a place inside himself.

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