2 Who's the Bat

Present day

Gotham city, 08:05 EDT

A guy walks towards an alley.

"Sir, you just came to the wrong place." A figure says the figure roles the knife on his hand and walks towards the guy.

The guy tries to run away but bumps to another figure also holding a knife as a baterang hits the ground and explodes out smoke.

"Batman! I thought Batman was dead for Sixty-seven years." The man says.

"Correct but I'm not the Batman you thought died Sixty-seven years ago." Batman says.

"Well makes it easy to kill you." The man says as the two thugs shoot Batman but Batman dodges and throws two Baterang at the thugs heart, the man runs away.

"Your welcome." Batman says swinging with his grappling hook and finally jumps into his apartment window.

Batman removes his mask revealing a man called Lincoln Adrian, his whole suit turns to a bat symbol he pulls his self and walks to his secret hideout and places the bat symbol in a case.

"Hmm." Lincoln grunts walking to his living room looking at the TV

"This is Gotham city Broadcasting my name is kelvin Geordie and with me right here is…" Kelvin says.

"Michelle Tyler we have some fresh news for you." Michelle points at the camera.

"A man says he saw Batman and he is coming right now." Michelle pulls her hand out.

"Hey my name is David Laim." David says.

"And I saw the Batman, I'm talking about the Dark Knight here his the Devil Batman died Sixty-seven years ago, I tell you Batman is the Devil the Devil." David says.

"That's enough David." Kelvin says as David walks away.

"If you see Batman you know the number to call 911 and the Gotham police department also known as the GPD..." Kelvin says as Lincoln switch off the TV.

[Crime Alert] [Crime Alert] 

Lincoln grabs his suit and puts it on.

Batman swings around with his grappling hook in the shadows.

"BatComputer what's the emergency?" Batman asks.

"A warehouse exploded 69 blocks away." The BatComputer says.

"I'm preparing the Batmobile for you its coming in 5….. 4…. 3… 2.. 1." The BatComputer says as the Batmobile drives forward as Batman sticks the landing.

"Batmobile Autodrive mode." Batman says turning to the right of the road then parks his car next to the warehouse, Batman see's a figure with a gun.

"Who are you and what do you want?" Batman asks.

"Who cares." The figure says shooting at Batman.

"Haven't you heard I'm not the Batman Sixty-seven years ago I'm skillful than you think.

Batman throws two baterangs at the figures gun the figures gun explodes.

"This is the end of the line." Batman says.

"Only for me." The figure explodes.

"Nonooooooo!" Batman screams out loud as he draws out the grappling hook and swings out, Batman hears sirens of a police cars, Batman enters his apartment and takes off his Bats suit.

Lincoln walks to his cave scattering the whole cave

"Open files in the formal Batman." Lincoln says.

"Face scan recommended." Batcomputer says scanning Lincoln's face.

[Access granted]

"Formal Batman crime buster and saviour of Gotham known to you all as Batman his also known as The Dark Knight." Batcomputer says. 

"Who was he?" Lincoln asks.

"Don't know." Batcomputer replies.

"We need anwsers." Lincoln says hitting the keys of the Batcomputer Keyboard.  

"Who died when Batman died?" Lincoln asks.

"We have several people." Batcomputer says.

"Okay list them." Batman says.

"John Michael, Bruce Woffice Leo Wild." Batcomputer says.

"List their personality." Lincoln says.

"John Michael was a business man died in a fire Age 41 and Brown hair." Batcomputer says.

"No doesn't fit." Lincoln says.

"Bruce Wayne CEO of Wayne foundation died in a car crash..." Batcomputer says.

"Wait Batman's body was never found and Bruce Wayne body was never found to." Lincoln says.

"Leo Wild was a mail man worked in Gotham post office died in a fught Age 23 Yellow hair." Batcomputer says.

"John Michael was taking to the hospital but he didn't make it, Bruce Wayne body was never found, Leo Wild body was found too but he was bleeding his heart wasn't moving that means Bruce Wayne was Batman but we need to investigate in the Wayne manor." Lincoln points up the selling hopping into the Batmobile and drives out seeing people protesting.

"No Batman, no Batman." The people say.

Batman vooms off he parks at the Wayne manor, Batman opens the gate of the manor he tries and walk straight to the door but spikes pop's out of the ground Batman throws baterang on the spikes.


"What the... Batcomputer the baterangs didn't destroy the spike." Batman says.

Batman draws out a emp blaster from the middle of his Utility belt and throws it on the spike.


"Few that worked." Batman says as the ground starts sparking.

"Fire, seriously the traps are working great." Batman says moving back he uses his grappling hook and swings to the balcony he see's a door he walks to open it.

Batman pushes it he walks down the manor to see no one.

"Batcomputer scan everywhere." Batman says scanning.

"It seems there is a cave down there." Batcomputer says as Batman goes down the cave to see no one.

"But the systems were working fine, who was running this?." Batman asks.

"My scans found nothing or no one." Batcomputer says.

"So Bruce Wayne the Batman." Batcomputer says.

"That's right." A figure says.

"Who's there, Batcomputer I thought you said no one was here." Batman sdys.

"I just arrived right now." The figure says.

"Who are you?" Batman asks.

"I'm Bane." The figure says cracking his fingers.

"What Bane died." Batman says.

"Haven't you heard bad guys then is bad guys now but better than before." Bane says.

Bane venom glows, Bane charged to Batman, Bane tries to punch Batman in the belly Batman dodges all attacks.

"Your skill is predictable." Batman says.

Bane uses his both hands and hits his head.

"Oh my skills are predictable right." Bane says.

Batman eyes glows, Batman takes out his emp blaster and throws it on Bane.


Batman ties Bane to the wall and runs out of the manor hopping into the Batmobile vooming off.

"The manor looks like a nice place for the cave to be." Batman says.

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