1 Prologue

Sixty-seven years ago

Wanye foundation, Gotham city, 06:35 EDT

"Mr.Lucius Fox don't forget to announce the convention to everyone." Bruce glares at Fox.

Bruce walks out of the door leaving Wanye foundation, Bruce enters his car and drives off  to see four cars blocking him, Bruce horns.

"That's odd there is no traffic, move it." Bruce says as the cars move in.

"Master Bruce I advice you to move out of there now." Alfred says on a com.

"I'm trying." Bruce says putting his car on revise and hit a car at the back but they close up on him he tries and put it on drive but the cars are closed up on him.

The people in the car throws a bomb under the car as they drive out,  Bruce tries and open the door but it stuck.

"Master Bruce get out of there now." Alfred says.

"I'm working on it." Bruce says as Bruce breaks the widow and sticks his head out if the window Bruce tries and pull his body out.

"Almost there." Bruce says sticking out his hand and start pushing with force.

"Master Bruce push as hard as you can." Alfred says.

"I will soon get out." Bruce says hearing the bomb countdown.. 3... 2.. 1.

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"Master Bruce...  Master Bruce are you there?..." Alfred asks.


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