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Basic Assult


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Competitive, Devoting, World-shaking battle. NO LESS AND NO MORE, ALL IS EQUAL. but not now, because the world has change. Luke Wall, our mc, is on the way of getting his tuition fee. For converting his blood and sweat, time and focus, he was able to get his own full-scholarship. 'NO FEES FOR SCHOOL!, NO TUITION FEE! NO PAYMENT! WHAT A HAPPY LIFE! WHAT A HAPPY Da...y?...' Above the heavens, hovering over the sky, a colossal transparent screen stretching out and covering the earth. Thousands of white latitude lines and longitude lines bisecting each other, forming millions and millions of grids. Written on every grid of the screen, an ancient feeling, and suppression. Permeating to every living being. A red sign, convincing people that it is a warning. [The Beginning] ****** Hello guys, this is me, your boy. Grammar mistakes are congruent to my tears today :D. I dont really update on the beat, but I will try to make a best story for a Online World(REALISM) Genre. Peace!


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