1 Follow Request Ch 2

Kavitha thanked the Manasas for dropping her off. She entered her home, her mind buzzing with thoughts of Tim Hortons, the delicious Salted Caramel Ice Cappuccino, and a certain raven-haired boy who she just can't seem to interpret.

Alya had come back to the car with a cheerful attire and a doughnut in hand. Kavitha and Ajith haven't spoken a word to each other after that moment.

Alya had been gracious enough to drop Kavitha off early before doing errands which Kavitha greatly appreciated. She wanted to get home as quickly as possible to finish her homework. Grade 11 was an important year and she wanted to work hard to get high marks.

Kavitha took off her shoes and placed them neatly on the rack. She then placed her backpack on the kitchen table and greeted her mother.

"Hi, amma!" she smiled at her mother.

"Did you lock the door and placed your shoes on the rack?" Her mother called out from the laundry room. Kavitha rolled her eyes at this. "Thanks for saying hi to me, ma" she joked.

Her mother appeared in front of Kavitha holding a spray bottle. "Well, did you?" Kavitha shook her head and gave up her attempt at humor.

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Her mother gasped animatedly, tilting her head to look at her daughter with wide eyes . "So you didn't, பிள்ளை?" (pillai as in child :p) Kavitha sighed dramatically as sat down at the kitchen table, her jaw resting in her hands. "என் தவறு my mistake amma! I was just திட்டு scolding myself for my bad humor." (FYI திட்டு or titti or in English is scolding is a very common word in Tamil language ahah! When we speak in Tamil, there can be a lot of reprimanding involved ahah!)

Sreethi chuckled at her daughter as she took a seat beside her "I know pillai, I was just playing with you." Kavitha smiled at that.

"How was school?" her mother asked gently as she prepared rice for her daughter to eat. "It was good! Chemistry was awesome!" The thought of the elements and graduated cylinders was pure excitement for Kavitha.

Sreethi touched her hand gently. Kavitha felt tender and forever wanted to be a product of her mother's love. "Did your teacher do your favourite chemistry trick that you love?"

Sreethi poured some chutney into Kavitha's rice with such incredible delicacy. Kavitha nodded and hesitated. Should she tell her mother about it? According to Erik, it's not that exciting, right? But, then those dark articulate eyes smoked her vision and made her feel hazy. She almost feel that heat on her head and shoulders that seemed so foreign and familiar at the same time.

Why did he have to get so close and personal though? Kavitha was able to do things herself. Although Kavitha knew she tried to release her hair from the car door, she probably would have been missing a huge chunk of her hair.

Despite how annoying it was for the Ajith to invade her thoughts she felt at ease to just tell her mother about the chemistry trick while her mother eagerly listened. As she spoke to her mother, she felt some ceasing of her ill feelings to the bright eyed male. She liked that he shared her love for Chemistry like her even though it's not what he is doing later on in his life.

Kavitha wished Erik was more like that. No. She stopped herself from thinking that. Why should she wish Erik was more like Ajith. She ruled her eyes. Even though Ajith was not as cruel as she deemed he was. Ajith still breathes bitter. Erik isn't mean, he's sweet! He'll come around.

But as she left to her room, her convincing smile felt a little too firm.


Kavitha felt satisfied as she finished her homework! She always loved to get things done. She even has some time to practice dance. Bharatanatyam to be more specific. A classical Indian dance that is native to Tamil Nadu of India.

Kavitha felt the tightness leaving her body as she delved gracefully, pivoting back and forth. The tension in her jaw loosening as she arched her back and her hair flowing.

Kavitha finished with her hair damp and sweat trickling down her face. She took her phone as she had a question she wanted to ask her dance teacher.

Despite the fact, Kavitha trained herself to not be distracted, her fingers were trailing on Instagram, looking at fluffy quotes and cute pictures. She stumbled upon Erik's Instagram. It was a public account. She took it upon herself to like all his pictures and give a follow. She smiled at her favourite, Erik with shiny glasses with see-through rims gazing to his side with a look of wonder of his face. Black really seems to be his favourite colour as he was clad in a simple black shirt. It suited him. She waited for him to request her private account.

She waited, She waited And waited.

Kavitha blinked. She realized she was waiting for twenty minutes. So she swiped past his account to look at his recommended for reasons unknown to her. At the suggested, there was a name that caught her eye.

She never knew that Ajith had Instagram. It didn't seem like something he would do. She stared at his profile which was simple. AHS short for Amber public school and an Indian Flag. The profile was was Dobby from Harry Potter. She smiled, her finger lightly caressing dear Dobby's face. He likes Harry Potter, now that was an even bigger surprise. Harry Potter was literally Kavitha's life besides chemistry and dancing.

Without thinking, she requested to follow Ajith. Ajith Manasa. Crap. What has she done? As Kavitha moved her finger to undo the request. The notification entered her phone where Ajith accepted her follow request and requested to follow her. As Kavitha numbly accepted, she shouldn't care that much about it. Ajith and her weren't close. But, why, she so desperately wondered, that a simple notification with his username makes her heartbeat.

So erratically..

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