1 The beginning

My name is Jeager and I was once a barbarian prince a lord of the wilds and protector of all who lived within my tribes lands.That all changed when an enormous horde of bandits led by a group of murderous sisters named Amelia the ripper, Bree the Butcher, Valerie the Stout,and Valencia the Mad came looking for slaves and loot and decided to attack my tribe. My people fought hard for six days until the slavers let loose a rain of black demonic fire killing everything inside and I only survived because I wasn't in the village at the time because I was hunting for food for the village. As it turns out they were looking for me specifically so they could sell me as a slave to the imperial gladiator pits so the rich and powerful of the empire could watch me kill for their sick pleasure.

As soon as they caught me they restrained me with iron manacles enchanted with dark magick because I kept breaking apart the ropes and snapping apart the normal iron shackles with relative ease. The only reason I haven't made my escape is quite simply I no longer have anywhere to go after these bastards these these Fucking Butchers murdered all of my people so I have nothing better to do other than to annoy my captors until they decide to punish me somehow which interestingly defered greatly depending on which bandit lead I annoyed that day , as an example Amelia the Ripper has a great love of whippin people,Bree the Butcher loves to pull out fingernails, Valerie the Stout loves to simply beat people until they were bloody, and Valencia the Mad was the only one whose reactions gave me pause because when some of the other prisoners would mouth off she would make them stand on their heads for hours and yet when I did anything she would put her hand to her face and giggle like a teenage girl with a crush which I couldn't figure out

As I finally get bored of annoying my captors they tell me we have finally arrived at the imperial capital Carnhiem to be sold.

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