"Tia, where the hell are you, come fast? "

Hearing the frustrated voice of my best friend, I immediately hung the call and rushed to my office to change from my white coat.

Tia changed her dress and was going out when one of her friends stopped her."Tia, why in a rush?"Yuna asked. Tia quickly explained her and bid her! goodbye.

"Hey!! "Tia said trying to regain her normal breathing rate.

"Don't hey me, I am very angry !! "

Mina, her best friend said puffing her cheeks.

"sorry Unnie had an emergency, "Tia explained trying to reconcile her breath

Mina, pouted for some time then she tugged her inside the mall cheerfully. Although she was older than her, she always acts like a kid but when it comes to Tia she acts like a mother.

Tia never liked shopping.she had fashionable clothes in her closet just because of Mina being a fashion designer.

Unlike Tia, Mina loves shopping not for buying but to increase her knowledge in fashion.

Mina recently got a mail from world biggest fashion school and brand NUSH.

so she was going to America to study and to do her dream job. Her flight was on tomorrows morning so she wanted to spend her remaining time with her best friend Tia.

"Ahhhh...my whole body is sore. I am not going with you anymore!"Tia said throwing herself on the sofa.

Mina smiled and carried the foods into the kitchen. They decided to watch a movie together for the last time.

After setting the movie and food they both propped down on the couch enjoying the movie. Although they were watching the movie, their minds were on other things.they were both controlling their tears. After watching the movie they both slept.

Tia and Mina were online friends before Tia came to Korea.

Although Tia came to Korea only 2 weeks ago. she didn't feel new to this country.she didn't know if it was because all her colleagues along with the director were like a family, or it was because of Mina, who was like a mother or because of her past here. Apart from India, it was like her second home.

just because of him.only him...


There was chaos in BIGHIT entertainment.

One of the members of the famous boyband BTS was rumoured of mistreating a fan.

Although many of the ARMY supported them, many were also there who were throwing dirt on them.

Kim taehyung was feeling guilty because of the toll, it was taking on the other members.

He knew he was innocent but he could not do anything.

he locked himself inside a room so that he could not see the members face making him sadder

The cheerful taehyung had vanished. he rarely talked and smile. The only person he talked was his best friend jimin.

Jimin and Tae were high school friends. Taehyung could easily share anything to him as he was a very good listener.

The PR along with bang PD and pdnim all were trying to solve the matter but it was growing more and more bringing hate comments and threats to BTS.

The leader of bts, Kim Namjoon was also in a very bad mood. he was helping bangPd to solve the situation.

All of them were sad because of the rumour but were more concerned about their friend taehyung, who was locking himself inside his room.

Jimin was listening to the news along with hoseok on his phone.

yoongi and namjoon were out, probably in the company to solve the problem.

Jin was reading a book, thinking it could relax him a little bit.

He was patting the maknae's head.

It had became a normal gesture for him.

The maknae was sitting on a pillow infront of jin who was caressing his head making him feel relaxed but everybody'eyes showed a glint of sadness, for their friend.

The dark circles were the marks of their sleepless night.

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