88 Wieser's Revenge

Dressrosa Island could be seen in the distance.

The deck, everyone was on deck ready to take orders from their captain.

Laffitte: According to the captain's orders, they will be divided into 3 groups, the first group will be composed of At and Marc and Augur, they will be in charge of Tropa de Pica, the second group will be composed of Shiryu, Lyonel and Rofta their objective is the diamond troop , the last group will be made up of Ryuma, Aslaug and Conis, you will take care of the Diamante troop… This mission is a search and capture mission, avoid the necessary confrontations, try to do it in the shortest possible time, the only ones who are exempt from this order is the Wiesers for obvious reasons… I hope everyone has understood, complete everything perfectly for our captain.

Yes, they all yelled in sync.

This would be Ryuma's first public appearance that's why he put him in Shiryu's group against the diamond troop.

At that moment At and Marc were ready, they were anxious to get to Dressrosa, everyone who had the capture mission was in a single boat in the direction of Dressrosa.

As soon as they arrived on the Island, everything was in chaos, marine soldiers could be seen in battle all over the island, just as they infiltrated the city, a huge cage made of threads imprisoned everyone.

Ryuma: Let's go for our goal… I wish you the best of luck At and Marc…

While Shiryu approached Marc.

Shiryu: I'll see you guys again on the ship… finish off that bastard.

Before the 3 disappeared from the place.

Drust: We're leaving too, good luck.

Aslaug: I look forward to hearing some good news, and a good fight of course. LOL.

The group also disappeared.

It was obvious that everyone knew how to use Soru and Geppo, everyone on the ship knew at least 4 Rokushiki techniques.

Augur wasted no time and guided them using his Advanced Observation Haki to Gladius's location.

The 3 of them were on top of a building, watching a person walking down the streets.

Gladius is a man with a rather unusual appearance. He wears a long black coat that covers his legs, adorned with small circles and other yellow shapes that extend mostly down his arms and chest; on his elbows, he wears a pair of metal gears of the same color, he wears matching high boots, and his hands are covered by white gloves.

His face is covered by a mask (dark in the manga and white in the anime) that might well remind him of a ninja, connected with a pair of sky blue circular glasses that cover almost his entire face. This, along with the black top hat, makes his appearance closely related to a style born in the Victorian era, known as steampunk. His hair is remarkably long, spiky and light in color, which he usually hides in his top hat or a kind of black helmet.

Augur: Revenge is in front of you, now only you decide if you want to take it fast or slow... we will see you at the meeting point as soon as you capture the objective...

Augur disappeared from the place.

Both Marc and At, giving off a bloodlust like never before, At wasted no time and drew his two swords, as for At, he transformed into his hybrid form.

In this way it can also fly. It looks like a big wolf with two big wings. In this form is where he has the most strength and power, he also has the ability to bite harder as he has a larger jaw.

In: Let's get this over with.

Being the first to launch against Gladius who didn't even see him coming receiving the clean blow.

Gladys: Damn...

But before he could get to his feet, he received two long-distance slashes, leaving him with a chest wound...

Marc: You remember us damn it….

In: We are here to repay you for everything you did to us all those years...

Gladius was trying to get to his feet, but due to the recent attacks he was having a bit of a hard time...

Gladys: Who...

Until he saw the birdman in front of him and the double swordsman, only those two crying children that he had chased after to get the devil fruit came to mind.

Gladius: So it's you... Someone who escaped... the only ones who could escape, and the reason why I didn't get the fruit from the young master...

The brothers were eager for revenge.

Gladius: Punc bullet.

Throwing bullet-like lake at Marc and At.

Marc dived head-on into the attack, cutting through all the bullets in front of him, while At dove into the air at Gladius.

At hit Gladius with all his might, giving him a powerful kick, which left a small crater in the ground.

As soon as Marc reached Gladius he was on the ground.

Gladius: Damn…. Punc hair.

Gladius puffs up his hair, transforming each strand into a sharp needle that he then shoots at his opponents. The hair is covered in a dangerous paralyzing substance.

At I react fast.

At: rock wall.

Controlling the rubble that was around, to form a small dome that covered Gladius, which caused a huge explosion inside Gladius, some needles penetrated the wall.

Marc moved into attack stance, and began channeling a powerful double slash.

Marc: My sword is the means of my revenge... scintillating cut.

Then Marc's swords began to glow before unleashing two slashes so powerful that they split the dome in 3.

At then manipulated the dome into two large beams that pierced through the dying Gladius.

Gladius was one step away from death, he was missing 1 arm and 1 leg, and had two concrete beams through his stomach and chest.

Marc: With this our revenge is complete….

At: This is for you… Father,

They both looked at the sky for a few minutes while some tears could be seen falling from their cheeks.

To turn to see the now lifeless corpse of Gladius, to put a fruit on his chest, they waited a few seconds before the fruit began to change, to disappear from the place.

In another part of Augur Island, he was in a tower, as he watched his target being cut in two by Roronoa Zoro.

He also observed dozens of clashes throughout the island.

Augur: It looks like this is a war zone just like you said…I wonder why you're here.

Behind him appeared Laffitte.

Laffitte: Captain's orders… After all Admiral Rīdoshāku (Okaga) and at least 4 other Vice Admirals… I won't interfere if that's what you mean

Augur: So it's like that huh... never mind, someone just took care of my target...

At that moment Augur disappeared from the place.

Laffitte then took Augur's place.

Laffitte: Hohohohoho, Advanced Observation Haki…. Smug….

As he continued to watch from afar, undetected by anyone.

In another part of the island Shiryu's group was finishing capturing their last target.

While dragging diamond from his right leg.

Rofta: It seems the only one missing is Lyonel, Commander.

The old Lao G, was completely bathed in his own blood, lying on the ground.

Shiryu: Everything was too easy, all targets were defeated...

Shiryu: It's not something we can't handle… We were able to move our muscles a bit, don't you think?

At that moment Lyonel appeared carrying the body of Mr. Pink, Lyonel was in his hybrid form, he was also with some injuries...

Rofta: What happened Lyonel?

Lyonel: I'm sorry commander, I did fight some of the marines, but I was still able to take him safely...

While looking at Shiryu.

Shiryu: They followed you.

While using his Observation Haki to detect the surroundings.

Lyonel: No commander, the appearance of the Revolutionaries changed things, so take the objective and escape.

Rofta: How can we escape with this cage in between...

Shiryu: We just break it, let's go, the mission was just search and capture, avoid unnecessary confrontations.

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