2 Sixis Island

On one particular island, surrounded by a turbulent sea, known as the Lion Ant of the Seas stood a man in the middle of the jungle, this man had short brown hair cut on the sides, with dark eyes, His red jacket that looks faded with a skull on his back, he wears a t-shirt h Ordinary blackenley with three buttons, for his wrists he wears black driving gloves and white bandages, he has a black belt with golden details, black leather pants and brown boots this man was Katahara.

Katahara: I seem to be in a jungle, I am a weak person from another world.

At this moment, a mechanical voice sounded in Katahara's mind.

[Congratulations on your successful host rebirth, now you can see your status and features]

Katahara: System, show me my status


[Status window]

Name: Katahara Uchiha

Race: Human

Bloodline: Uchiha


Skills: Sharingan (1 tomoe)

[The host has received a boot packet, would the host like to open this boot packet?] Katahara: System opens the boot packet.

[Initial package of affirmative opening. The starter package contains the following:

Sword Shodai Kitetsu one of the 12 swords of supreme grade

5000 CP

5 million Berry

Member of the tribe: D

Storage ring with a space of 10,000 cubic meters (50 m wide, 50 m high, 50 m long)

Encyclopedia of Devil's Fruits complete]

Katahara, seeing the contents of the starter pack, was immediately excited and curious about the Shodai Kitetsu sword of the 12 supreme-grade swords, like the three swords of Kitetsu, it is said to be cursed. . . hell I have one of the best swords in the world, if this is not a divine gift I don't know what it is. Katahara: Closes status window.

He grabbed his new sword which was a moderately curved katana with a light violet edge and a distinctive golden hamon that has the appearance of flames. Its tsuba is made of gold and has the shape of a rounded cross. The hilt is wrapped in black.

The sheath of the sword has a black and pale black stripe and continues the design of the grip, with two gold clasps in short succession around its centre, which is a white sheath, and the cap of the end of the kojiri is also gold.

Katahara: I have no idea how to use a sword. . . . . . . . . wait, there is some sword handling manual that I can acquire, and some Chakra handling.

[The host can find everything you need in the store, as long as you have the necessary CPs]

Katahara: Open the store, and look for sword manuals, chakra handling, and haki manuals

[Open Shop]

-Weapons and Armor


-Healing Elements


-Blood lines

-Miscellaneous Articles

[*Skills] [Sword Handbook, beginner: 1,000]

[Crakra (Naruto) Operating Manual: 1,000]

[Observation Haki (One Piece): 12,000]

[Haki (One Piece): 12,000]

[Conqueror's Haki (One Piece): 18:000]

Katahara: Shit, everything is extremely expensive, I can't even buy a type of Haki, just buy sword handling, chakra handling.

[Affirmative host]

After that, two manuals appeared in front of him.

Katahara: How do I get more Cp?

[Host, in order to get more Cp, can kill monsters, kill pirates, kill marines]

Katahara: It seems that to get more I'm going to have more Cp, I'm going to have to get stronger.

Five months later. Katahara began to read the about sword handling, and so quickly time passed, during that time Katahara explored the island and found a giant bird next to a nearly wrecked boat impaled by cliffs inside a giant cave on the island, became familiar with that scene, but he ignored it and continued to practice, as the days went by. .

During those months Katahara was able manipulate chakra almost perfectly so decided to buy the raven clone manual which practiced until could use it at any time wanted.

He also stumbled upon a giant bird's nest during the time he spent training, so he decided to get as far away from that place as possible.

He also got used to using his new katana so that he could use it in battle, all he needed was a sword style.

Katahara was practicing while making horizontal cuts in the direction of a tree, when he heard some screams, and decided to go and observe what was happening, so he decided to go to the top of a tree to observe, when his Sharingan came active to have a better view of what was happening, which was now 3 tomoes.

When I looked, he noticed that this man was wearing a mask that he wore over his eyes to hide his identity, he is muscular with long, pointed hair of light blue color and he wears a very long open coat that stretches to his knees and exposes his chest.

Katahara: Hell, I know what island I'm on, I'm right where Ace finds the Mera. . . I knew that bird was becoming familiar to me, it's the one Ace defeats to save Deuce. I should let him get it just like the canon or I should keep it. . . mmm I think Ace will have to try harder from now on, since he won't get the Mera Mera.

After saying that, Katahara decided to get away far enough so that Deuce couldn't find him, but far enough so that he could keep monitoring him while he continued training. A week passed, and while he was practicing crow cloning, he realized that another person came to the island, that person that Ace, decided to come just a little closer, while watching them.

Pov Ace

Ace: Oh, I think over there. . . I'll be able to sail to the sea.

Ace: Ah, well it looks like there was someone else, I really thought I was alone here.

Deuce: A human, you came to help me.

Ace: Nice to meet you my name is Ace, while I was sailing I was swallowed by a wave and when I woke up I was here.

Deuce: It's not possible! You too?

While the two were still talking, they decided to repair Ace's boat to leave the island, but surprise the next day, a tree had turned over on top of the boat, so the two quarrelled, and Deuce decided to go to the cave inside the island.

Pov Katahara

Katahara: So I pass exactly as in the manga, well then I'll take advantage while they are fighting with the bird to take the Mera Mera.

Shortly after Deuce entered the cave he was attacked by the bird, before it was devoured, Ace managed to save him by kicking the bird in the head, and then killing him with a blow all over the bird's belly.

While this was going on, Katahara used his crow clone to approach the ship, where he saw a chest, he got as close as he could, he didn't have time to check if the devil fruit was inside, so he put the whole chest inside his ring, and then dispersed into several crows.

As all the crows dispersed, they began "Crowl!" as they walked away, which puzzled Ace and Deuce.

Inside the jungle the crows began to gather to give the appearance of Katahara.

Katahara: I hope Ace doesn't hate me for doing this, now let's see what's in the chest.

At that point he pulled out of his storage ring the chest where when he opened it he could see a round orange fruit, composed of many flame-shaped components with swirling patterns on each, and has a swirling stem at the top. Katahara: If this is the famous Mera Mera, I guess I can give it to some subordinate in the future. Now I think it's time to clean this island of those birds and win some Cp in the process.

After inspecting the fruit, Katahara put it back in the chest and then absorbed it into her ring.

He placed his katana on his waist inside his girdle and headed towards the giant bird's nest.

Katahara: System, status.

[Status window]

Name: Katahara D. Uchiha

Race: Human

Bloodline: Uchiha

Weapon: Sword Shodai Kitetsu


Skills: Sharingan (3 tomoe), crow clone, Chidori, chidori spear (Chidori Eisō), chidori explosion (Chidori Nagashi), Katon: Big Fireball. Katahara: Well it's all I could do in a month with the manuals, this system doesn't transmit the techniques to my mind like the fanfics I read, at least I was able to recreate the Chidori and its variations as well as the big fireball, without needing manuals, although it was a bit difficult I was able to do it, now to kill some birds, close window of State.

Soon he reached the nest where there were more than 20 giant birds with some giant chicks.

Before the birds detected it, Katahara made seals with her hands.

Katahara: Katon: Great Fireball!

He began to breathe air and suddenly, he felt a heat wave growing down his throat.

And he spat out a small fireball that continued to grow in size into the air and eventually hit the bird's nest, setting all the creatures on fire.

Katahara: Shit survived 5 giant birds.

He started making hand stamps.

Katahara: Chidori.

And suddenly there's a bunch of sparks of electricity that sharpens his left hand, as he starts running towards the giant birds that were approaching as they were burned by the flames. Katahara goes through a bird, through the chest, and quickly retreats before another bird approaches to try to bite it, then rushes back to the bird that tried to bite it, and cuts through the head with the chidori, then pulls out his Shodai Kitetsu sword and chops off another bird's leg. bird that was about to grab him with its paw at that moment jumps avoiding the last two standing birds trying to catch him with their paws, sheats his sword quickly and starts to seal with his hands as fast as he can.

Katahara: Chidori Explosion

The rays come out of its body and spread over an area of 2 meters round and numb the remaining two birds, the birds try to move, but are unable to move because of the chidori explosion.

Katahara pulled out her Katana Kitetsu to decapitate the two immobile birds, then turned to the one who had cut off leg and pierced his head with the sword. Katahara: Well, that was easier than I thought, but hell adrenaline is addictive.

[Congratulations to the host, for killing 20 adult air monsters and 10 baby monsters]

[A total of 10,000Cp was won by the monsters]

Katahara: Well that's more than I expected, now it's time to leave this island, I'll get Ace off the island for having taken the fruit that was supposed to be for him, Deuce. . . . Well, I can't leave him here, I guess.

After leaving the nest the scene, Katahara headed into the jungle to look for Ace and Deuce, soon finding them trying to make a raft out of the mascaron of the destroyed ship.

He then went to a shore not far from them.

Katahara: System buys the boat that can get me out of here, I don't want it to be too expensive and enough to carry 3 people.

[Searching, boat found, price 350Cp, confirm]

Katahata: Confirm, buy the boat.

Soon a small motorboat appeared in front of him.

Katahara: What the heck, I asked you for a boat, but it doesn't matter anyway if it works, now let's go pick up the unfortunate guy who lost his devil fruit.

Katahara got on the boat and headed for Deuce and Ace.

Pov Ace

Deuce: It would suck to go to sea on an unnamed boat, wouldn't it?

Ace: I guess so, but we're not done yet, what about Striker

Ace: IF it looks great, I really like it.

Deuce: heee. . . I think something's coming Ace, look.

Ace: You're right, and he's on top of a very strange small boat.

Deuce: heeeeeeeyyyyyyy

As the two were shouting, Katahara got closer and closer to the shore where they were, they soon saw who was inside that strange boat.

Katahara: Good afternoon folks, you need a ride

Deuce: Are you here to help us?

Ace: It's a pleasure in concert my name is Ace and this one here is called Deuce, we were stranded on this island for several days.

Deuce: Please can you get us out of here?

Katahara: A pleasure to meet you I am Katahara D. Uchiha and of course I can take you with me, but from what I see you have a nice boat there, although it doesn't look very safe.

Ace: Of course it's because we haven't finished yet.

Deuce: You're right friend you don't see anything safe.

Katahara: Then go up and we will go to the nearest island.

Soon the two boarded Katahara's boat, and so they began to move away from the island.

Pov Katahara

Ace: So Katahara I guess you're a navigator, since you're alone in this dangerous sea.

Katahara: No, I was with a merchant crew and there was a storm, I was able to take this boat to save myself, but the storm dragged me to this island.

"I'm obviously not going to tell you where I come from. I'm not stupid enough to reveal that sort of thing", Katahara thought.

Deuce: That's exactly what happened to me, I spent weeks on that island I was about to die.

Ace: Katahara, would you like to join my crew, right now it's just me and Deuce, and next to you we're three. Katahara: I'm not one of those people who likes to be below anyone, so I declined your offer my friend.

Deuce: Woooo, that you have there, is a sword, I've never seen one with that shape, I guess it's special, are you a swordsman?

Katahara: It's a family heirloom that was passed on to me, answering your question, I try to follow the path of a swordsman as best I can.

Ace: Katahara Do you have any brothers?

Katahara: NO, I don't really have them, I was always an only child, I guess you have Ace brothers.

Ace: Hahahaha, if I have a brother his name is Luffy the soon will go out to sea and will become a big name all over the world.

Katahara: I don't doubt that friend. . . Deuce what about you do you have any brothers? Deuce: Actually I'm like your Katahara, I'm an only child, I decided to venture to the sea to have adventures, but I was stranded on that damn island for days, if it wasn't for you maybe I would have died already.

Ace: Don't say that Deuce, now you're with us, together we'll do great things Deuce never hesitate.

And so it happened a few days, while the three were getting to know each other and getting closer little by little, while they were sailing into nothingness, they would see in the distance a spot, that little by little got bigger and bigger, it was an island.

Katahara: Looks like we've reached land my friends, let's hope we can find food there.


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