8 Fortune

Katahara: Laffitte, dock at the city pier.

To which Laffitte only nodded his head.

Katahara: When we get off the boat I want you to kill everything that moves, leave nothing alive.

Augur: Captain

Katahara: It's a bounty hunter town, kill everything except two people, one is a tall man with a small red nose and blonde hair in a style that resembles a dusty wig, the other is a woman with long, wavy hair of light blue, with two strands hanging.

The two nodded, as they prepared for when they reached the port,

Residents greeted them as if they were heroes, but to their surprise the moment the boat approached the dock.











Van Augur was the first to attack, firing a burst of bullets at the people waiting for them, the next to attack was Laffitte starting to murder whatever was in front of him.

Katahara quietly stepped off the boat, as she walked towards the village, whole way was full of corpses.

System is there any way to extract a devil's fruit from the user?, thought Katahara

[There are only two host ways]

[For both ways the user should not be dead for more than 30 minutes, for the first is to acquire a special fruit provided by the store and place it on the corpse of the user so that it receives the power of the devil's fruit, the second is to direct the devil's fruit directly to the user through a serum that the system can provide]

Katahara: Well then system buy 15 Devil's Fruits and direct them to the ring, now that I have a way to extract Devil's Fruits, it's time to have fun

He went to where the screams came from, and saw a tall, muscular woman with dark skin and pink hair gathered in two short tails wearing a short dress with a magenta and white diamond pattern, and three green flowers, next to a tall young woman with short blonde hair and dark eyes wearing a yellow and orange hat, as well as a dress Yellow with a lemon pattern, lemon earrings and white high-heeled shoes, who were fighting Laffitte, fighting was too much to say Laffitte is just dodging all the attacks he received, and then throwing small cuts.

Van Augur was battling a tall, dark-skinned, black-haired man with short, pointed dreads. He's wearing a brown coat with a pink tie and a pair of sunglasses.

So Laffitte's up against Mikita and Miss Monday and Augur's up against Mr. 5.

Augur: Laffitte. . . stop playing and get rid of them.

Laffitte: Captain, sorry ladies I can't play any longer.

After saying that, he beat Mrs. Monday, threw her to the ground, then pierced her chest with his Shikomizue and turned to look at Mikita with a smile as he approached her and kicked her as she crashed into the ground.

Mikita began to cry at the sight of the fate that awaited her, Laffitte pierced her head with a smile.

Katahara: Help Augur, but be careful that guy is a bit disgusting.

Laffitte only nodded and went in the direction of augur.

At the moment Laffitte disappeared from her sight, Katahara pulled a fruit out of her ring and placed it on Mikita's body waiting for something to happen.

After a few minutes the fruit began to change, now it was cylindrical pink covered with thick swirls. It has a thick green T-shaped stem at the top that curves upwards at one end.

Katahara: I seem to have a safe way to get devil fruit now, although it's a bit ridiculous that it worked

As he approached the fruit and put it in his ring, then went towards Augur.

When he got there he saw Mr. 5 on the ground clutching to his life, watching Augur's rifle pointing straight at him but before it was fired.

Katahara: Wait

Augur then withdrew his rifle pending Katahara's orders.

Katahara: Mr5 looks like you're having a hard time, if I didn't stop him you'd be dead

Mr5 looked back to see whose voice it was, but only saw a blade pointed at his neck, Mr5 was executed by Katahara.

[Congrats to the Host who just killed

Mr5 10,000,000 Berry's]

[Earned a total of 8,000 Cp].

Katahara: Laffitte search for anything of value and take it to the ship, I will help you shortly, Augur see to all the supplies, loot anything that will be of use to us.

The moment they left, Katahara took out a fruit from his ring and placed it on top of Mr5's body.

A moment passed before the fruit took on the appearance of a dark purple apple covered in S-shaped swirls with a yellow rope-like stem.

After stowing the fruit in his ring, Katahara headed for his ship where found Laffitte arranging, gold jewelry and a few million Barry.

Laffitte: Captain, those bounty hunters had 10 million to be precise, as well as some gold and jewelry.

Katahara: Then it looks like we did the right thing by looting them, when they started killing they didn't find the two people I told you about.

Laffitte: No captain, those two people were not in the village.

Katahara: Well...

Laffitte: Captain, I also found two Eternal Compass, these are from Little Garden and Drum Island, so there is no reason for us to stay for the log pose to recharge.

Katahara: That changes the plans, we will rest a little before leaving, that's fine.

After that Katahara went to his cabin and decided to buy an Akatsuki suit for Laffitte,

System buy an Akatsuki suit, Katahara thought while taking a seat.

[Akatsuki costume: 100Cp.]

[Host must confirm]

From now on when I decide to buy something don't ask it to confirm just buy it, Katahara thought.

[New command received]

At that moment an Akatsuki suit appeared.

System status, Katahara thought


Name: Katahara D. Uchiha

Race: Human

Bloodline: Uchiha

Affiliation: DARK CROWS Pirate Captain

Reward: 62 million


1. Shodai Kitetsu

2. Yubashiri

3. Sandai Kitetsu

4. Shigure

Cp: 74,800Cp

Lottery tickets: 5

Skills: Sharingan (3 tomes) - Raven Clone - Chidori - Chidori Spear - Chidori Blast - Katon: Fire Dragon - Katon: Great Fireball - Suiton: Water Dragon - Water Clone - Suiton: Water Wall - Suiton: Water Cannon - Raven Dispersion - Geppo.

System uses only 1 lottery ticket, Katahara thought.

[The host can randomly summon silver, gold and diamond grade, using a lottery ticket.

Turning on the lottery function...]

At that instant a roulette appeared consisting of the silver level to the highest diamond level.

The chances of the lower level appearing were the highest, and the chances of the higher level appearing were very low.

The roulette started spinning until it started to stop.

[Congratulations, you have obtained a silver grade item: Infinite Cigarette Pack].

What kind of bullshit lottery is this, I guess I'll start smoking from now on, use another ticket. thought Katahara.

The roulette wheel spun again and started to stop.

[Congratulations, you have obtained a gold grade summoning:

Toya Todoroki (M.H.A.)]

Katahara: Hey! Is it...

But before Katahara finished speaking a black portal formed in front of him, from which a dark mist emerged and a human body formed.

He was young pale, quite tall, slim built, with white colored hair, his most striking features are undoubtedly the patches of violet, twisted and wrinkled skin covering much of the lower face and neck, up to the collarbone, under the eyes, around the torso and on the arms, he wears a long dark blue coat also wears a white V-neck T-shirt with white outlines, black boots and his dark colored pants.

Dabi: Toya Todoroki, known as Dabi, lieutenant of the Paranormal Liberation Front, I pay my respects to the master.

This surprised Katahara, he never expected to be able to summon someone like him on his second attempt.

Katahara: Dabi, tell me what your purpose is.

Dabi: It is to serve the master unconditionally.

Katahara: Good, now tell me do you know where you are, do you remember how it was before you came here.

Dabi: Yes master, I have understanding of where we are right now, my memories are intact and all my abilities.

Katahara: Well it seems that the system took care of explaining everything to you before summoning you, from now on don't call me master, just call me Captain.

Katahara: Now take this suit and put it on.

Katahara said while giving him the Akatsuki suit just bought.

Dabi took off his coat and put on the Akatsuki suit, unbuttoned.

Katahara: Well it looks pretty good on you I must say ... System buy another Akatsuki suit.

[Akatsuki suit: 100Cp]

At that moment another Akatsuki suit appeared in front of Katahara.

Katahara: System uses the last 3 lottery tickets.

The roulette wheel spun again and started to stop, 3 times in a row.

[Congratulations, you have obtained a gold grade item.

Poisonous Demon Art Manual(Nano Mashin)]

[Congratulations, you have obtained a gold grade item:

Gravitational Rune (Fairy Tail)]

[Congratulations, you have obtained a gold grade item:

Kaiwan Style Manual (Kenga Ashura)]

Katahara: Shit looks like I think I spent all the luck I had on this roulette hahahaha, keep everything in the dimensional ring.

Katahara: Dabi let's go introduce you to the others.

While leaving his cabin with Dabi.

Katahara: Laffitte this suit is for you, with this you are officially one of us... congratulations.

Laffitte: Thank you very much captain, I won't let you down.

While putting on the coat Katahara started to introduce Dabi.

Katahara: Laffitte, Augur this is our new comrade... Dabi.

Van Augur: Nice to meet you Dabi, you must be someone with extraordinary abilities for the captain to have decided to accept you.

To which Laffitte, just politely removed his hat.

Katahara: Laffitte, it's time to set sail for Little Garden.

While they set sail, Katahara went to her cabin and called Dabi.

Giving Dabi the Mera Mera is the best option, he is not someone who can betray me because he is a summoning... it is decided he will be the one who eats the Mera Mera, Katahara thought.

While Katahara was sitting in his cabin, Dabi entered.

Dabi: Captain.

Katahara: Dabi you are a fire user, just as strong with your father or am I wrong.

Dabi: Yes captain, during the battle against the League of Heroes I was able to rival my father in fire control and fire temperature.

Dabi replied politely, as Katahara pulled out a rather peculiar fruit.

Katahara: That's what I thought... now I want you to eat this, it's a devil fruit, more specifically it's the... Mera Mera no Mi that allows the user to create, control and transform into fire at will, with your Quirk and your flame control, it will raise your power level to another level.

While giving him the Mera Mera no Mi.

Dabi: So I should just eat it captain?

Katahara: That's right, it might taste awful, but it's a small price to pay.

After listening to Katahara, Dabi took a bite of the fruit.

Dabi: aaahggg

Katahara: Well I always thought everyone exaggerated when they ate one, but apparently it wasn't if it's horrible.

Then Dabi started to flame, but quickly started to control them.

Dabi: This is amazing captain, I feel like I am fire myself, before I could control them, but now we are one and the same, thank you very much for this captain.

Katahara: Your fire control is amazing, it took you only a few seconds to stop the fire from spreading all over the ship, it seems I made the right choice by giving it to you, now your identity, if anyone asks you will say you are from Whiskey Peak City and you ate the Mera Mera no Mi.

Katahara: Now let's go outside, from today you will start training with us, you can't just focus on your powers and leave aside your physical strength, you need stamina to be able to use all your powers.

After Katahara came out of his cabin together with Dabi, he subjected him to the same training they did.

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