52 Darksnes Against Shadows

Katahara: Where the hell did you get these monsters.... But luckily I have my own monsters too, hahaha.

Kurohige got up after being hit by Katahara's attack.

Kurohige: You think you'll win this.... You're a stupid Zehahahahaha, Kurouzu.

Kurohige extends an arm and activates the gravity force of his darkness to pull Katahara towards his hands.

Katahara felt a tug and but she didn't resist it instead she took more momentum to go faster.

Katahara: Waves of desolation.

Katahara took advantage of Kurohige's pull to attack him by throwing powerful cuts that took the form of dark waves that destroyed everything.

Kurohige panicked when he saw that his attack was being used against him, but before he could react Katahara was in front of him with huge dark waves around him.

Kurohige was slashed dozens of times all over his body and could only scream but he still didn't lose consciousness especially since his Devil fruit allows him to take even more damage.

Katahara: Looks like all that power isn't worth taking double damage right Kurohige.

Kurohige just looked at Katahara then turned to look at his crew who were in an all-out battle against Katahara's crew.

Kurohige was thinking of a strategy to use against Katahara.

Kurohige: Black hole.

Kurohige spread his darkness over the large area and, just like a real black hole, it swallows everything in the place.

Kurohige: Liberation

Kurohige expelled all the destroyed debris that his darkness had swallowed, throwing it at Katahara.

Katahara: Walls of the northern skies.

Katahara launched dozens of slashes imbued with shadows that took the form of a wall that collided with everything Kurohige's darkness threw.

Katahara: That's all your shadow can do.... I expected much more from the son of Xebec.

When kurohige heard that he was shocked.

Kurohige: You... you... how... How do you know that.

Katahara: Did you think that getting your father's fruit would give you your father's will? .... How stupid.

Kurohige was even more surprised to hear Katahara.

Katahara: But nothing matters anymore.... Today is the day of your death.... Look around you... This is the end of you.

Kurohige was filled with rage and caused his body itself to start turning into a black hole that began to lock everything around him.

Elsewhere with Laxus and Ayax

Ayax: The captain didn't lie to me .... This is a real battle, sasashahaha....

While he was throwing slashes against Laxus who was responding with his fists wrapped in pure time.

Laxus: Lightning Blast.

As he smashed his fists against Ayax's axes.

Ayax began to overpower Laxus little by little, until Laxus was hit by a powerful blow from Ayax's axe.

Laxus: This is more fun than I thought...DRAGON FORCE.

At that moment Laxus' body began to grow, adopting dragon-like characteristics, such as the scales on his arms, and then releasing a gigantic amount of magic in the form of lightning.

Ayax tried to defend himself from the thunder that Laxus provoked, but it was impossible and he suffered some data that hit him directly.

Laxus: Roaring Thunder

Laxus launches a wave of lightning using all his strength, which impacts directly with Ayax, causing him to fall to his knees.

Laxus: This is the end... Roar of the Lightning Dragon

Laxus generates electricity in his mouth and releases it towards Ayax creating an electrical explosion.

Ayax died from the electrical overload caused by Laxus' attack.

In the battle of Doc Q and Drust.

Drust was completely dominating, Doc Q couldn't keep up with Drust's attacks let alone handle how strong his Haki coated attacks were, so he died shortly after the battle started, along with his horse, after he finished off Doc Q, Drust headed off to help Robin with all the guards.

In Urouge's battle against Burges.

Urouge had suffered decades of beatings from Burges, which had caused his entire body to take on a gigantic, muscular size

Urouge: Did you ever hear of Karma, you stupid bastard.

Burges paid no attention and attacked again.

Jesus Burges: Fairy elbow.

Urouge: Inga Zarashi

Urouge hit Burges several times with immense force, causing Burges to be unable to keep up.

Burges: Malditoooo.

As he was taking blows and countered Urouge with a blow even harder than the previous one.

Burges realized that Urouge was starting to hit even harder than him causing him to take more damage to the point that he could no longer continue, falling to his knees.

Urouge: It's the end.

As he grabbed Burges' head and separated it from his body with a powerful fist.

Elsewhere with Dabi and Augur against Giant, Giant was giving his best effort to keep up with Dabi and Augur, but they were far superior to him.

Giant: Die you damned.

While throwing powerful blows at Dabi.

Dabi: Entei.

Dabi began to form a gigantic wave of fire. Adding to the high temperature of the place, the attack was much more powerful than expected.

Dabi threw the big fireball at the giant who received it with his fist.





The giant received several shots all over his body which were covered with Haki.

The giant couldn't defend himself from the two attacks and was badly wounded.

Van Augur: You are very resistant... That fruit you have will be for our captain.

Dabi: Just blame your bad luck you idiot.

Then Augur shot him in the head ending his life.

Katahara turned to look at his crew and a smile appeared on his face.

Katahara: All your crew is dead... At last you are alone again Kurohige...Suiton: Water Gun.

Katahara put his left hand in the form of tracks and started firing water bullets that easily pierced through kurohige.

Kurohige: Ahg.... Damn you will pay for this.

Katahara got closer and closer to kurohige, who at this point was totally terrified.

Kurohige: Don't come closer... Don't come any closer you bastard... Black hole.

Kurohige put his hand in Katahara's direction and a dark mass came out of his hands in Katahara's direction.

Katahara: One last attempt to escape from death, I admire that....

At that moment Katahara leapt into the air, as he prepared to deliver his final attack.


At that moment Katahara launched himself against Kurohige's shadow, The shadows began to take the form of a dragon that launched itself against Kurohige, devouring him completely.

Kurohige's darkness could not even defend itself, it was destroyed as soon as it came in contact with Katahara's attack, Kurohige was pierced by Katahara's sword and was left kneeling on the ground.

Kurohige: Why, why? why? I waited for so many years...I waited patiently.... And yet...NO! I cannot die here! I am destined to rule!

Then Katahara decapitated him ending his life.

[Congratulations, you eliminated one of the great evils of this world, Marshall D. Teach with a reward of 30,000,000, he earned a total of 1,000,000 Cp.]

Katahara: I rule all.... I will conquer and rule.

Then Katahara took out 1 fruit and put it on Kurohige's corpse, then took out another fruit.

To think that Kurohige was one of the great evils of this world, I won more than I thought, Katahara thought.

Augur: Captain the giant we faced was a devil fruit eater.

Katahara: Here you know what to do.

He handed the fruit to Augur, Augur then placed the fruit on the lifeless body of the giant.

At that moment an even larger group of guards arrived on the scene, led by a man wearing an officer's hat, lapels on the sides and gloves. He appears to be taller than the average man.

He was also wearing a uniform, instead of, he wears a jacket over it, as he covers more of a cloak. The kanji on the back of his jacket read Goku which means "prison".... That man was Shiryu of the Rain, the Chief Jailer of Impel Down.

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