91 avoiding the tragedy ll

Agrom walked over to Nekomamushi and Inuarashi.

Agrom: We managed to arrive on time...

Inuarashi: I didn't expect to see you again Agrom, you left the dukedom, we thought you wouldn't come back.

As he put his hand on Agrom's shoulders.

Nekomamushi hugged him with all his might.

Nekomamushi: I'm glad to have you here...if we hadn't come to us...

Agrom: He was in battle for 3 days, you must rest brother.

Inuarashi: Don't worry, we can still stand for a while longer...

Nekomamushi: Look how much he has grown, you are almost our size, and you are much stronger than us, that technique you used is fascinating.

Agrom: I owe everything to my captain...

Inuarashi: So you became a pirate…

At that moment two people and a child approached.

Agrom: Captain...

Inuarashi and Nekomamushi turned to see the man Agrom called himself captain.

As soon as they saw him they realized that he was strong, much stronger than them and much stronger than Agrom, but what caught their attention was the boy who came with him.

Katahara: As soon as we arrived, the battle was almost over, it seems we arrived on time...

Inuarashi: I must thank you for your help in this time of need...if you didn't come...

Nekomamushi: I don't even want to think about what would have happened...

Katahara: My men are treating everyone right now, prioritizing those with fatal injuries... How manners of mine, Uchiha D. Katahara, also known as Blood Raven or King Raven.

The moment Katahara said his name, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi gave off bloodlust, taking a defensive stance.

Inuarashi: You killed the old man…

Nekomamushi said nothing but lunged at Katahara, only to be hit by Laxus's fist, which appeared in front of him.

At the moment that Nekomamushi tried to attack their captain, the 600 men drew their weapons and were ready to start the battle, even the doctors who were treating the wounded stopped doing so to point their weapons at them ready to start another slaughter.

Inuarashi realized that if they started another battle, this would not be the same as the battle against Jack, which they could resist, against them they would lose disastrously.

Inuarashi: You can't attack our benefactor like that…. The old man was our captain, you must understand.

Katahara flashed a smile, and raised her hand for everyone to lower their weapons.

And sure enough they all lowered their weapons and continued what they were doing.

Katahara: It was inevitable, you should know that… but I'm not here to talk about your former captain…

Nekomamushi was trying to stand up, but the blow had hurt him badly.

Inuarashi: Agrom, I don't think they should stay here...

Katahara: I think you're wrong, King of Dawn… tell him your identity, dear apprentice.

As he pointed to the boy next to him.

Monkey just obeyed and started talking.

Momonosuke: I am Kozuki Momonosuke, son of the last daimyo of the Kuri region, son of Kozuki Oden, and current Patriarch of the Kozuki family.

What the boy said took the two minks by surprise, if what this boy said was true, his teacher's son was in front of them.

Both noticed the resemblance that momo had with her father and obviously with her mother, they did not hesitate to kneel.

Inuarashi: We served your father, Kozuki Oden at the time, now we serve you...

Katahara: Maybe it's time to take us to Raizo, I'm sure he also wanted to see his master's son.

Neither responded, they just knelt, just exchanged confused looks.

Momo: Master…

As he turned to see Katahara.

Which surprised the two Minks the most.

Nekomamushi was the first to stand up.

Nekomamushi: I will lead you to him.

They were led to the secret room inside the whale-shaped tree.

Of course, it was only that those who went were Laxus, Dabi and Robin, Drust stayed to attend to all the seriously injured, as for Agrom, he was in charge of burying the skulls of his compatriots.

As soon as they reached the secret room, there was only Raizo himself, attacking a Poneglyph with chains.

You can see that it is crimson in color.

Robin: Impressive, a different Poneglyph...

As he rushed to try to decipher it as fast as he could along with his diary.

Dabi: Robin is happy to find a poneglyph, different from the others.

Inuarashi: This is a Road Poneglyph, very different from all the Poneglyphs you have found.

Katahara: So he's Raizo...

Raizo's body is very disproportionate, having a huge head compared to his relatively small body. His hair is black and he has three antennae on each side of his head, a small dot in the center, and a spike on the back of his neck. He has bolt-shaped eyebrows and large sideburns. He also has a yellow crescent-shaped scar on his forehead. His eyes are brown.

He wears a light blue kimono bordered with two woven ribbons; one orange with sea polka dot print, and another pink, and a green bow that serves as a belt. Inside, he wears green scale armor girdling his body; same material that can be seen in their anklets and wristbands. His body is also surrounded by an extensive and thick purple rope, and on his back are inserted what appear to be a pair of diamond-shaped wings. She wears simple blue rope sandals.

He was chained to the Road Poneglyph, but when he saw everyone, he started screaming to be released.

Nekomamushi: Calm down we are here to free you…

As he began to unleash it...

Raizo: I have to assume the attack is over.

Inuarashi looked at him for a few moments.

Momo: Who is the Master?

Katahara: Root of the mist, one of the 9 red pods that served your father.

The moment Katahara said that the red pods served her father, she turned her attention to Momo.

I notice a lot of familiarity coming from him, he began to notice the resemblance.

Raizo then realized.

Raizo: Raizo of the mist, a loyal vassal of the Kozuki family, pays his respects to the grandmaster's son.

While on your knees.

Momo was happy to find another one of the red capsules.

Katahara: My reinforcements will arrive shortly, along with 2 additional red pods... specifically Kin'emon and Kanjuro, they should arrive in 2 weeks maximum.

All the red pods were surprised at that insinuation, now 5 of the 9 red pods would be present, to protect their master.

Raizo: Why are you doing all this... why are you helping this invasion... why are you putting the red pods back together... why is Master Momonosuke with you?

Katahara: Momonosuke has been my apprentice for some time... and then there's the fact that Agrom is a mink, so he had more than one reason to help.

The moment Katahara said that he was Momo's teacher, everyone was shocked.

Katahara: I need an audience with Hitsugisukan, the ruler of the Mokomo Dukedom, I have some business propositions for him.

Nekomamushi and Inuarashi looked at each other for a moment before leading them to Hitsugisukan's location.

It didn't take them long to reach their destination.

They reached the room where Hitsugisukan was.

Hitsugisukan is a large mink sheep with cream colored wool and white fur. He has curved brown horns, long brown whiskers, and a fluffy brown beard. He wears a red king robe with white wool and a yellow crown with red tips. He also wears a blue shirt with yellow buttons and a necklace with yellow and orange pearls. Unlike most minks, he appears to have hooves instead of humanoid hands.

Hitsugisukan: Our saviors are here.

As he hurried to dry them.

Hitsugisukan: We are eternally grateful to them for helping us when we needed it most.

Katahara: It is an honor to meet the ruler of the Mokomo dukedom, I introduce myself, I am Uchiha D. Katahara, leader of the Darks Crows.

And if one by one of the commanders began to introduce themselves.

Hitsugisukan: Sorry for not being able to prepare a victory banquet, but as you can see we are overwhelmed.

Katahara: You don't have to worry about something as small as that… I like to be direct Hitsugisukan, I'm here to talk about business.

Hitsugisukan: That's interesting, I don't think we have anything to set up a business.

Katahar turned to see everyone and said.

Katahara: This is a meeting between leaders.

As he took a seat at the opposite end of the table, from where Hitsugisukan was.

Hitsugisukan: Nekomamushi and Inuarashi, they are the current rulers of the Duchy Mr. Katahara, I am no longer the ruler of all the Minks.

Katahara had completely forgotten this, they were not the King of the Dawn and the King of the Night for nothing.

Katahara: So let it be.

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