5 New System

After a few moments, Dr. Harvey appeared once more. "This is Dr. Gilmore Harvey with my fourth update. It has been twelve years since my last update. After thirty years Bad World is beginning to change in small ways. Along with developing human hybrids, I have also introduced plant and animal hybrids. The animals and plants I have introduced are based on the samples I have collected during my travels.

With regard to humans, I combined sample genetic information with already extant human beings. I have done the reverse with many species taking already extant creatures on this world and synthesizing a new animal bread using sample DNA. On-the-other-hand, I have also grown batches of animals from other worlds like wolves, leopards, basilisks, and other creatures and introduced native genetic information into their DNA. I have done the same with both native and alien plants and created new and thriving ecologies.

My experiments are so effective that the spread of the new life I have created has spread like wildfire across the planet. It's like my wildest dream come true.. Creatures only known about in tales from fantasy and myth are made real in my world. Here, I am the designer of life and the engineer worlds. Here I am free to experiment and improve my theories and create new technologies. The possibilities are limitless here. I believe I will be able to create the path to true immortality on this planet. This is Dr. Harvey Gilmore signing off," The image of Dr. Gilmore disappeared once more.

The image of Dr. Harvey appeared once more. "This is Dr. Harvey Gilmore making my fifth and last update. It has been over two hundred years since my last update. There isn't a corner of this world that doesn't bear testimony to my genius. I have stamped my legacy into every living thing on this planet. From the air to the land and seas I have transformed Bad World. I have taken this world from being a nightmare planet to being a nightmare planet filled with nightmare creatures. Everything has gotten out of hand.

The humanoid populations have mostly stabilized and no longer use the collectors to alter their DNA. We also discovered a native population of sentient beings. The population has three distinct ethnicities. Thre are the Dokka, a dark-skinned humanoid. The next group is the Ljosa who is very light-skinned. Finally, there is the Gylfie whose skin is more bronze. All three groups have long elf-like ears and stand more than seven feet tall. They possess incredible intelligence and physical abilities. All three groups are vicious fighters who command magic and dominate whatever region they live in. They are the apex predator of this world.

We collected genetic samples of these creatures, but they learned about it through their magics. They began attacking the members of human teams still associating themselves with the original crew. Half of my people were wiped out before they returned. What helped them survive were the collectors which combined with their DNA to create hybrid humans. However, the battle followed them all the way to the ship. The natives infiltrated, smashed, and killed everyone they could. Less than one thousand of us survived before the Elfiends, as we call them, left.

After this incident, the remaining humans left me and went out to establish settlements and make families. I am now all alone. Everyone has despaired of accomplishing our goals of both leaving this planet and paving a path toward true immortality. Types of immortality have been created through experimentation and synthesizing with the native population. None of them goes beyond the natural limits of biology. We have humans who can live at least ten thousand years, but beyond that, they will die. I refuse to give up.

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The absolute solitude has allowed me to focus like never before. When the loneliness becomes too much, I take a trip to one of the human towns. No one recognizes me. My old friends and colleagues have encased themselves in towers of prestige and nobility and no longer walk among regular people. They don't even look out from their towers at the thriving towns and cities they have created. All of these towns and cities are built far from me and this ship. I'm sure all memory of me and our crashed ship will eventually disappear.

I have set up an entrance for an accidental inheritor and put myself in a state of suspended animation. This will allow me to live far beyond the abilities afforded by the biological restraints we have. My mind is living in a virtual world of my construction where I continue my research. After the passage of fifty thousand years, I will find someone to help me continue my work by acquiring new data. By the time you, my inheritor and assistant, discover this place fifty thousand years will have gone by. I wonder what mutations exist now?

In exchange for your help, I will present you with my ultimate technological marvel my Collector System. This system is the result of over fifty thousand years of research and development. Use it to grow strong and reach the pinnacle of biological life on this planet. Once you have reached the pinnacle, perhaps we will be able to take the final step into true immortality. This is Dr. Gilmore Harvey signing off until we speak once more face to face," Dr. Harvey said as the light beam disappeared. The room returned to having low lighting with soft red lights in the background. Dr. Harvey's true body sat on his throne of technology looking peerless and mighty like an eternal mountain. Never conquered merely looking down at the weak ants that scurry about.

Kyler was filled with veneration for this man of science, Dr. Gilmore Harvey. He is a man of vision and unbending will. Kyler felt the two of them had a lot in common. He would never bend and give up on his dreams either. He would break the boundaries of his weak body and show everyone just how powerful he could be. Didn't he already kill those Raiders that struck fear into the hearts of everyone in the Smith family? He did that, weak little him.

His thoughts were interrupted as a pedestal came out of the floor. On top of the pedestal was a right-handed gauntlet. Kyler didn't hesitate, he walked to the gauntlet and put it on his right hand. The gauntlet shined with light before disappearing. All that was left of the gauntlet was a faint tattoo on the back of his right hand, it almost looked like a birthmark. In his mind, he heard, "Collector System Mark Zeta 5K coming online.

"Welcome user, to the path of true immortality, power, and fame," The system said.

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