1 how she got these powers

she was 14 when she got powers to know future, but she was very childish before this and suddenly she matured in 15 . It was not her age to get mature but she had to.

one day she was wandering in jungle then she found a scroll in which she got a stone and a note - " if you want to see future touch this stone and say yes" she said yes at that time without knowing the result.

After taking that stone when she came home her mind was not working like before . She slept for an hour and then she saw a dream in which she was running towards a car and car was moving slowly to river.

After wakeup from sleep she came out of her house and moved toward jungle because she liked it.

when she was wandering in the jungle she saw that a car was slowly moving towards the jungle and car driver was sleeping .

She ran fast and started making noise infront of the car , because of that noise driver woke up from sleep and he stopped car.