1 Part 1: daddy dies

Everything was going perfectly find.

My mom,dad and I used to go to that old park every friday for some lame family time but even so, it was our family time, that is until dad died.

I remember it so clearly that I couldn't sleep.

Dad was on my left and mom was on my right, both holding my hands with me in the middle walking with a dumb smile on my face.

We spend also the entire day buying clothes, eating sweets snack, window shipping and more.

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After all, it was my birthday and for the first time in a long time I was able to spend some time with my dad. 

He made my first and only selfish birthday wish came through.

For him, mom and me to spend the entire day together no matter what, and he did, well, after I master art of paper work that is, anyway. 

He cleared is busy schedule to spend the day with mom and me.

Although I was excited, mom was on another level of excitement, she packed lunch and who knows what in the bags dad was holding.

Dad: " what time is it?"

Mom: "I think it's around noon"

Me: "YAAY  it's finally lunch time"

Mans voice: " AAAAHHHH "

Everyone turned around looking behind us where the noise came from.

When I finally turned around I only see a man holding one of those knife that the chef on tv used.


The man said as he stabs my dad in the gut, both hitting the ground as he continue to stub dad.

The dress he bought me just moments ago was covered in his blood.

The man stubbing my dad looks at me and smiled, it was terrifying.

Mans voice: " this all thank to you little girl, I was about to give up on killing him until I heard about your- ugh!"

A bunch of men tackled him before he could finish, truth is even though I was terrified; I was happy that they did it.

Now I don't have to listen to whatever he had to say, even though I probably had guessed it already.

Anyways the cops and ambulance came, hell even the media showed up sticking the mics and cameras in our faces; too bad for them dad and the criminal were already separated and place in the vans for them.

Finally we made it at the hospital and not once did she looked at me.

The doctors came out of the emergence room.

From the look on their faces I could tell it wasn't good.

Doc: " Mrs Monnie...*sigh loudly*.. I'm sorry  "


Just those two words in a situation like this is enough.

Me: "mommy-"


To make your own blood hate you.

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