Bad Boy Protects Me Book

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Bad Boy Protects Me


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Avery Freeman, the new bad boy in school, your typical bad boy. He has trouble written all over him. I knew I should stay away from him, but he had other ideas. From the day he started at my school, he had his eye on me, he decided I was not getting away that easy. I should run, right? Wrong, he came at the right time. He appeared when everything else at school was falling apart. Maybe it is true when they say never judge a book by its cover; I learned that when he showed up. Who knew when everyone else was making my life a living hell, the bad boy would be the one to protect me from it all? Then again, Life isn't ever that easy. He is the bad boy at the end of the day, and sometimes they don't change. *Warning: sexual content included later in the story


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