8 Chapter 8

As Katsuki layed there on the sunken dirty ground, he felt his phone vibrate  against his beating chest. He sighed and let it go, then fell back into his music that softly tickled his insides. Then once again, the phone vibrated pulling him from the clouds. Annoyed he brang his phone to his face and read the message.

'Hey, it's Izuku.'

'Where are you?'

Katsuki groaned and started to type.

'Find me, Nerd'

He waited for a bit hoping for a response not knowing why. But when his phone vibrated a giddy feeling crawled across him.

'Fine, Hot Head'

Katsuki let out a raspy chuckle and set his phone back across his chest. 'Hot Head'. Pretty funny.




"Dang it, I just missed him didn't I?" Deku said, defeated. He stood at Bakugou's locker for at least 10 minutes. Either he is taking forever or he left. The first thought makes Izuku mad. He wanted to walk with Kacchan after school. With last bits of despair and hope he takes his phone out and unlocks it. Good thing I saved his number in class, peeping over his shoulder was not easy... Deku started texting him and pressed send.

'Hey it's Izuku!'

'Where are you?'

Izuku impatiently awaited a text back from the dog man. Minutes later his phone buzzed a response. Izu struggled getting his phone out of his pocket and dropped it on the ground. He snatched it up in an instant and looked at his text.

'Find me, Nerd.'

His heart gushed out and raced down his stomach. Why am I so happy by a simple text? He thought. Deku clutched his aching heartbeat and texted back with a light blush.

'Fine, Hot Head.'

Deku stowed his phone away in his pocket and went right into thinking mode. I should first start with all of our classes. Crossing out 1A because I saw him stomp out, also removing English and Cafeteria because both are locked up by now. Mr. Mic leaves right away. So that leaves me with the locker rooms and the training room, Gym. He smiles and starts heading to the Gym room since it was closest. It was just past the cafeteria, not too far from Baku's locker. Izuku took a quick left turn past the cafeteria. As soon as he did an uncomfortable wave of discomfort settled on his shoulders. It seemed to seep down his spine. It was as if someone was watching him and following him. He shook it off. I'm the only one here, just get to the Gym. Izuku found the gym doors and pushed them open, hoping to see Bakugou. But as it seemed, it was as quiet as ever. No soul to be found. Deku silently closed the door and marched to the locker room which was at the end of the hallway. Noises and whispers followed him all the way down, so he started to speed walk. He ran into the locker room and called out Bakugou's name, when no one answered he exited through the exit and found himself walking outside. A wave of relief splashed over him like a tidal wave. He found comfort in the wind. His eyes averted to the football stadium, he doubted anyone being there so he went. He needed to sit down after what he just experienced. Deku found himself sitting up on the bleachers, his backpack strewn to the side. He reached in it and pulled out his math book. Clumsily, Deku dropped his homework under the bleachers. He swore under his breath and got up to retrieve it. He slowly made his way down the stares and softly sang to himself. "I'll be good, I'll be good." He hummed along. His beat was his footsteps so he followed along. "And I'll love t-AAAHHHHH!" He screamed. He saw a body laying on the floor under the bleachers. "DEAD!!" He screamed. Bakugou shot up from his position and turned to the shaking boy beside him. The boy seemed to calm down a bit. That boy was Deku. Kacchan smiled then laughed histerically.

"Like there'd be a dead body, this town is too boring for even that." Kacchan responded with half a smirk. "Anyways, good job you found me. And your homework did as well." He held out Deku's math homework which flew right in his face. Deku apologized and bowed twice before him. Katsuki only laughed and waved him off. "Come on, you wanted to walk home with me, didn't you?"

Deku nodded, "Yes, I'll get my stuff." A light blushed coated his freckled cheeks. Kacchan grabbed his bag and zipped it up before throwing it on his back. He then walked silently behind Deku with one earbud out, bouncing as he walked. Izuku's heart would not stop pounding as the boy behind him kept pace with his footsteps. He found his belongings and shoved his homework in his folder and put it back it his bag along with his math book. Deku then heaped the heavy bag over his shoulders and hopped down the stairs, Kacchan waiting below for him. He smiled at Kacchan and walked alongside him.

"So how'd you find me?" Kacchan asked arcing his head towards the smaller boy. Izuku turned his head to Kacchan and stared at his ruby eyes and pale spiky hair. He smiled and looked down at his feet.

"Well I figured, you'd only pick the classes we have together, otherwise it'd be too hard. I seen you leave 1A so I crossed it out. The cafeteria and english room were closed. So it was either the locker room or gym. No one was in either so I went out back to sit on the bleachers. I never would've expected you there." Izuku explained. As Izuku talked Kacchan stared at his plump pink lips as the moved up and down. He also watched his eye lashes flutter whenever he blinked. How his pinkend cheeks would crinke up when he talked. Kacchan closed his eyes and listened to his smooth voice as well and when he endend talking Kacchan open his eyes and looked toward the sky.

"Wow, you must be pretty smart." He responded. Deku giggled. And Kacchan closed his eyes again taking in every second.

"It doesn't take a smart person to figure that out." Izuku remarked. Katsuki smiled with his lips and looked over to Izuku.

"Well you must be a differet level of smart. Because I would've given up." With that Izuku's cheeks heated up like a stovetop. A tint of pink made its way to Kacchans cheeks as well. Is this what it feels like to have a real friendship? Questioned Katsuki. If it is, why can't this feeling last forvever?



Izuku arrived home and as soon as the door opened he was hugged by Mrs Iida. His air raced out of his mouth as his arms were forcefully pushed around her waist.

"I'm so glad you got back safely." She cried out. Izuku as confused as could be wiggled out of her grasp.

"Of course I did, why are you freaking out?" Izu asked raising his right brow. She brought him over to the nearest chair and poured him some tea. Izuku accepted it and took a sip.

"A suspicious man was lurking in and around the school perimeters. They didn't catch him he drove off somewhere. I thought you were injured because you came home so late." She said still shaking. Izuku smiled at her and put his hand over hers. She sat on the opposite side of the small circular table. She had one had on her cup and the other underneath Izuku's. Her shaking subsided a little.

"Thank you for worrying about me. I am fine now, you need to take care of yourself. Go lye down, have some tea." Izuku responded. She smiled sweetly and nodded. She slowly got up and walked to her room. Izuku followed her downstairs with tea in his hand. He placed it on her night stand and left.

"Thank you Izuku." She said as he made his way to the door. He smiled and continued out the door. He shut it and went to his room.

I wonder if that was the strange feeling I had...



"Oh thank lord, today is not the day my son goes!" Katsuki's mom exclaimed as her hugged her son. Katsuku growled and wiggled out of her deadly grasp.

"What's this for, hag?" He groaned. She looked at him with some anger and some worry.

"There was a suspicious man walking around and in the school today. I didn't know if he got you or not?" She said. Katsuki laughed.

"As if some old man could get me. Seriously stop worrying about me. I'm strong enough to defend myself." Katsuki said assuring his mom. "Anyways I'm going upstairs, go sit down and drink something, you look like a ghost."

Katsuki raced upstairs and shut his door. He slid down it and groaned.

Why is this stupid nerd on my mind?


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