4 Chapter 4


Katsuki slid his hand over Izuku's mouth and dragged him into the darker part of the alley. Shoving him hard, Izuku's back hit roughly to the wall. Katsuki's hands were on both sides of his head and his leg in between both of Izuku's legs. Izuku gulped loudly as sweat beaded down his forehead. Whatever he just saw, he wish he didn't.

     Low growls erupted out of the taller male, his face scrunched up in a fearful scowl. Izuku shuttered a bit under him, feeling his anger seeping out of him. "If I hear word about you opening your mouth about this, I'll make sure you're dead." Growled Bakugou. Izuku flinched at his hand flinging to his neck, but Bakugou stopped centimeters away from his throat. "Do you hear?!" Katsuki's ears perked up at sudden noise behind them. It was just the wind knocking over trash from the over flowing trash can.

"Y-yes!" Izuku stuttered. Bakugous tail stood still between his legs. If it didn't flinch Izuku wouldn't have ever noticed it. "What a-are you?"

     Letting go of Izuku, Bakugou walked away a little. "Its too complicated for that small brain of yours." Baku snickered wagging his tail happily with the joke he made.

"Excuse me! I'd like you to know I'm probably 10x smarter than you!" Izuku roared. Katsuki let out an eerie laugh echoing in the alley. Shivers climbed down Izuku's back.

"I'm a demon. A vampire dog if you will." Baku said walking back and forth in front of Izuku. "I have to drink a certain amount of blood each day or I turn into a dog."

     Izuku paused for a second, soaking in all the information. His fingers stroked his lips as his eyebrow raised up. 'A dog? A vampire dog? Drinks blood?' Bakugou chuckled before him. Katsuki leaned in close to Izuku's ear. "Told you your small brain of yours can't comprehend it." Izuku pouted and stomped.

"I do too!" Izuku said as Bakugou backed up by the sudden outburst. "Basically the amount of blood you drink triggers some sort of physical reaction which can either make you half and half, like right now, full dog, or human." Izuku smiled proudly by his great explanation. Bakugou smiled at him and hummed.

"Looks like you do understand." Bakugou said with a laugh. "What a nerd."

     Izuku ran after Bakugou and jumped on him. "I'm no nerd!" Izuku said with playful behavior. Laughing on Katsuki's back he dropped down. Bakugou chuckled.

"You're super cool, can I check your blood pressure, heartbe-" Katsuki cut him off.

"No way, now go. And remember what I said earlier." Izuku nodded and ran off.



     The next day Izuku couldn't get Katsuki off his mind. He doesn't fully understand how being a demon works. How can someone become a demon. Is it inherited, or can it be transferred through a bite or something else. He needs answers.

     Izuku somehow needs to find a way to talk with Katsuki without raising any suspicions. First he thought about dragging him into a bathroom or another empty classroom during lunch. But then he realized how strong he was. So he devised another plan. Dropping his books in front of him and wait for him to help pick it up. Then ask him to meet Izuku somewhere. But Katsuki isn't so nice and would either laugh or walk away. So it comes down to his last option. Writing a note and sticking it in his locker. That way he can say to meet somewhere without anyone knowing about it.

     With toast stuffed in his mouth, backpack loosely strung on his shoulder, Izuku sprinted out of the house and down the street catching up with Iida who was yet again half way down the block. Izuku scarfed down the last piece of toast feeling the dry itchy crumbs slide down his throat. The school came into sight, they both smiled at its warm presence.

"Another day, another boring lecture." Iida sighed out, his eyes gleaming through his thin glasses. His blue hair flipped through the light breeze, his lower bangs skimmed the frames of his glasses. Izuku watched carefully as the sun emerged past Iida's head making his hair shine.

"Yep, but on the bright side we get to hang with friends." Izuku said bringing his head down to his feet as he skipped with joy. He slowed down to a walk and watched both of their feet strut in perfect sync.

"Friends are always important." Iida replied cheerfully. Izuku turned his head to Iida once again, but this time was greeted with a warm smile lingering on his face. Izuku welcomed the smile with one of his own.

"Always." Izuku repeated.



     The boring lectured ended with the ring of the bell. It seemed as if everyones soul finally seaped back into their bodys after being lost for so many painful hours. Now Izuku's plan was in action, knowing this he geared up for mission sneak.

"Are you coming Izuku?" Asked Iida waiting for him at the door. Izu looked up to find him there tapping the door frame quietly, waiting for a response.

"Go on without me, I'm writing a few more notes down." Replied Izuku with a smile. Iida nodded and swiftly left the classroom. Midoriya grabbed a piece of paper and started writing.

 ~~ To Kacchan (your new nickname because you're mysterious), Katsuki Bakugou,

     Meet me after school in the same alleyway as before. If you don't, word will get out. I'll be waiting...

                         -Izuku Midoriya ❤~~

"Ahhh! Not the heart!" Izuku said immediately erasing it. Izuku usually signs his name with a little heart at the end, but in this case he wasn't supposed to use it. "What a dumbo" he sighed to himself. 'This looks good though!' Izuku thought folding it up and stuffing it in his pocket.

     Izuku got up from his desk and exited the classroom making to check both ways before leaving. He traveled a long way straight down the hallway eventually coming across the right locker. Checking the number from a far, Izuku looked both ways again before coming in closer. He almost made it in, before,

"Izuku!" Growled Bakugou.

'Not again'...


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