12 Chapter 12


"Shit! Deku do you have your phone on you?" Kacchan yelled. Izuku jumped back from the door and raised his hands up in defense. He nervously chuckled.

"It's in my locker..." He trailed off. Bakugou cursed under his breath and slid down the door. Looks like we're spending the night here huh? Izuku sat down at a desk and sighed. This is not what he wanted, but at least he gets more time with Kacchan.

Katsuki didn't really mind being alone with Izuku, but they were bound to get sick. Their clothing was still damp from the morning. Earlier they tried the door that led outside but it was locked as well, and they didn't want to break the window on the door because that would sound the alarms. It was the only window so they knew if it was night or not. Currently the sun was still setting just above the horizon.

"Kacchan... I'm not feeling to well..." Izuku groaned out. He then sneezed. Katsuki snickered and walked over. So weak... A tickle ran through Kacchan's nose making him sneeze as well. Well shit... "Looks like we're both sick nerd." Izuku giggled and held his mouth. He then coughed in his arm and tried standing up, he collapsed into Katsuki's arms. Katsuki blushed a bit and helped him keep balance. "Be careful nerd, go lay down..." Katsuki said. Izuku walked over to the back of the class room and sat up against the wall. Katsuki grabbed their backpacks and emptied them on seperate desks, he then walked over to Izuku and handed him his. "Cuddle up with this, it'll give you extra warmth." Izuku smiled.

"Thanks for caring for me Kacchan." Izuku replied. Katsuki blushed and turned away.

"I'm not! You will just get more sick and I don't wanna catch it." Katsuki exclaimed. Izuku giggled and tugged on Kacchan's shirt. Katsuki looked down and titled his head.

"Cuddle with me." Izuku said flatly. Katsuki blushed and hit his hand off.

"Like I'm gonna do that nerd!" He yelled in embarrassment. Izuku laughed and tugged Katsuki's arm.

"You need warmth too Kacchan, and besides if you're worrying about me getting sicker, this would help." Izuku explained. Blushing Kacchan sat down next to Deku. Deku scoffed and grabbed Katsuki shoulder and pulled him closer to where they were up against each other. Katsuki's face went up in flames.

"You're warm Kacchan~" Izuku said looking to Kacchan. Katsuki turned his head and looked at him as well. A very noticeable blush on his face. Izuku grabs hold of Kacchan's arm and hugs it like a stuffed animal.

"E-eh, what are you doing nerd!" Kacchan exclaimed. Izuku rubbed his head against Katsuki's arm and started to slowly fall asleep. Katsuki blushed and put his free hand in Deku's hair. It was surprisingly fluffy and smooth. As he did so he heard little purrs come out of Izuku. Kacchan couldn't help but chuckle. Cat?... Kacchan held his smile in his hand. He looked down at the sleeping boy on his arm. That must be uncomfortable... Katsuki took his own backpack and set it on the floor. He laid Izuku on it and put Izuku's backpack on Deku so he can be warm. He himself laid on his backpack and pulled Izuku into his chest. Hopefully he's warm now... Izuku cuddled up into Kacchan's warmth and purred. "Cat..."



Deku's eyes fluttered open, a waved of warmth settling on him like a cozy blanket. He felt something pressed against his back and a breeze down his neck. A hand crept across his waist and held him in place. Confused he turned his head and saw Katsuki behind him. He slightly jumped and blushed super hard. He heard a small cough escape Katsuki's mouth. Aww poor Bakugou, he's sick. Izuku changed positions and cuddled into Katsuki's chest, he then wrapped his arm around Bakugou and pulled him closer.

Kacchan's eyes slowly open making Deku's heart skip a beat. Katsuki smiles warmly, which sets his face on fire. A cough escapes his mouth. "Good morning nerd." Katsuki said in a raspy voice. Woah he sounds hot in the morning plus his cold is adding on.. "Like my voice I see." He teases. Izuku blushes more and hides his face in Kacchan's chest. He feels Katsu laugh at his nervousness.

"Are you cold Kacchan?" Izuku asked. Katsuki nodded slightly and sneezed. Izuku was a bit sick himself and was dizzy but managed to crawl on top of Kacchan. He laid over Katsuki like a blanket and hugged him. "Is this better." Izu muttered in the crane of Baku's neck. Katsuki was blushing like crazy, but he was a lot more warm and Izuku was light. Katsu hummed a yes and squeezed Izuku close.


"I'm so sorry!" The detention lady screamed. She was speed walking down the hallway, the principal following her. Last night after she had ordered her food she forgot about detention and went home falling asleep just after eating. She only remembered when she passed the fast food she ordered on her way to school about the kids. When the principal found out, he was furious and even threatened to fire her but didn't for reasons.

She fumbled with the keys at the door and dropped them. She nervously laughed and finally opened the door. She peeked in and saw the two boys. A green mop of hair on top of a blonde mop of hair. She widened her eyes and blushed. "Eek! They're dead!"

"Shush, they are not dead. They are sleeping." The principal said with a grit. He called Bakugou's mom and asked to come pick up the boys. She agreed and said she'd be there quickly. He then turned to the lady. "If this happens again, you are fired. Now go." He said sternly.



"Well *cough* Kacchan looks like we get to spend more time together!" Izuku said his voice cracking in places. They were both laying in Katsuki's bed, since Mitsuki didn't want the Iida household to get sick as well. Katsuki however was freaking out inside. Deku's in my bed!!! Katsuki turned his back to Izuku and sniffled. Izuku giggled.

"I love spending time with you Kacchan."

Katsuki heart exploded and he died from cuteness overload. The end.


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