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Bad Boy!


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In this time there are things such as demons and others as celestials. Celestials protect humans from these demons, but some demons, such as bakugou, can disguise themselves. But once they are found they are sent to a special place for demons of such. These demons need a certain ammount of blood each day, and if they don't they turn into their spirit animal. Bakugou's spirit animal is a pomeranian, scary, right? After Izuku accidentally saw Bakugou transforming out of his animal form, he is dragged into this never ending adventure of hiding and sheltering Bakugou from these celestials. Although Bakugou was not very fond of this protection before hand, he eventually gets very used to it and even starts to feel something more. What will happen next on their journey. Will Bakugou be caught, or will the two boys live forever being hunted?


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