Back In Time: I Choose To Love You

# HUSBAND-CHASING Si Mi had been foolish in her past life. She aborted the child she had with her husband just so she could return to her first boyfriend, Fu Xing. Yet, Fu Xing had no intention of reconciling with her, and even ridiculed her for flattering herself. With that, Si Mi felt that she had been abandoned by the world. She wandered the streets dejectedly and was killed by a car that malfunctioned. As her soul floated in midair, she saw her stepsister secretly meeting up with the driver who killed her to give him a large sum of hush money. She even saw her stepmother, who had always doted on her, say, “That girl finally died. At least my efforts weren’t wasted in spoiling her to the point of being brainless and arrogant! My dear daughter, you can finally relax and be with Fu Xing now.” Finally, Si Mi saw her ex-husband attending her funeral, and then took revenge for her death. Her supposedly disfigured husband even removed his mask for the first time before her portrait. The man’s flawless appearance seemed to be a gift from the gods. Every inch of him was meticulously perfect, and he wasn’t as hideous as the rumors painted him to be. Then, Si Mi lost all senses. When she opened her eyes, she found herself lying on a bed naked while a man rammed into her from above. It was her husband, Fu Zhen! She had just attended her own funeral moments ago as a wandering soul, so why was she in Fu Zhen’s bed now and making love to him? It seems that Si Mi was reborn back to the time when she had just married her husband. During this time, she had yet to abort Fu Zhen’s child, and hadn’t yet fallen into her stepmother and stepsister’s scheme! What perplexed Si Mi even more was that she now possessed the power of telekinesis after being reborn. Splendid! She swore not to be toyed with anymore in this life. She would also take revenge! More importantly… she had to compensate Fu Zhen for what she owed him. She would give her best to this man who once loved her deeply.

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Chapter 005: Magical Telekinesis

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Fu Zhen walked up the stairs a little impatiently, as if someone was chasing after him!

The marriage between him and Si Meng was originally a business marriage, and he knew that Si Meng was extremely unwilling. However, how could her willingness matter when it came to business matters? A business marriage alliance with the Si family was indeed very beneficial to his future business.

Si Mi had even been together with Fu Xing. His nephew and his wife were once a couple in the legal sense! He and Si Mi really had an ambiguous and messy history.

Fu Zhen touched the mask on his face and stood on the balcony of the study while looking into the distance alone.

Si Mi's behavior tonight was very strange. Ever since they were married, they had been sleeping separately. Si Mi's resistance was too obvious, and Fu Zhen didn't want to make it too awkward. Therefore, he had never asked to exercise some of his rights as a husband.

He had also drunk some wine during the business meeting tonight, so when Si Mi suddenly approached him intimately and proactively, he did not think too much about it. The two of them went with the flow and kissed each other.

Si Mi was a very beautiful woman, or rather, a girl. She was young and beautiful, and there was always something about her that attracted him inexplicably. Fu Zhen found that Si Mi was very attractive to him!

He heard that Si Mi was now working with a manager, and she was quite famous in the entertainment industry. Occasionally, she would take on some small web dramas and small advertisements!

Si Mi was not inferior to those beautiful women and handsome men in the entertainment industry! With her beauty and her family's wealth, she was actually doing quite well!

Fu Zhen thought about Si Mi suddenly getting close to him, and then pushing him away tonight. He could not understand her.

He recalled Si Mi's hug, and his heart suddenly softened. She was still a little girl! He admitted that he was not a gentleman. If there was a next time, he couldn't guarantee that he would let her go. After all, he was also a man with normal physiological needs.

He dialed the secretary's number and changed his schedule for the next day. It was already past 12 o'clock. He pinched the corner of his eyes tiredly, took off the mask on his face, and revealed his handsome face. He looked at himself in the mirror. Some of the darkness hidden deep in Fu Zhen's heart surged once again! He, Fu Zhen, had never been a good person!

Si Mi was lying alone in the room. She knew that Fu Zhen was still in the study, but she did not know what he was doing. Butler Sun had already returned. Auntie Shi's bones were severely fractured. It seemed that it would be difficult for her to return in the short term. Si Mi felt that it was really for the best!

The heavens saw that she was too miserable in her past life. Not only did they give her a new life, but they also gave her whatever she wanted!

Yes, she discovered an even stranger phenomenon. As long as it was something on her mind, it could be achieved through all kinds of methods! For example, if she wanted Auntie Shi to leave the Fu family, that woman would immediately break her leg!

She thought that the lights in the house were too bright, so someone immediately turned off the headlights! For example, she felt a little tired after drinking alcohol and had a headache. Fu Zhen actually brewed warm honey water for her! This was something that she never dared to imagine before!

If all of this was really a coincidence, then it was too much of a coincidence. There were too many strange things that happened to her. Through her many experiments, she had no choice but to believe that she really did possess a kind of mysterious power that could affect others! It could even control others!

Si Mi felt a little happy, but also a little afraid! However, she could not tell others about this right now. It would only make others think that she was crazy. Si Mi secretly told herself not to panic! After gaining a new life, she had to cherish the opportunity in front of her!

At the moment, apart from herself and Fu Zhen, she did not seem to be able to trust anyone. She had to learn to accumulate power, and without being discovered by Gao Ping and Si Ling, she had to break and disrupt their plans. How could she let them achieve their goals so easily?!

It was very late at night, but the two owners of the house could not sleep. The love, hate, and obsession in their hearts were too heavy, and they were so stressed that they could not calm down. It was the case for both of them.