B. I. Cycle ( Brother, I Love You) Book

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B. I. Cycle ( Brother, I Love You)


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B. I. Cycle ( Brother I Love You) Running, bicycle and swimming is a way for Rafa to escape the world that would not accept his person. He wanted to take the air off the speed of its wind map East whether or west. Rafa's said ' I want to be a breeze that can't afford to reach out for anyone else, that's a strong blow that doesn't leave a trace. Rafael is a famous Athlete and young professional and has proved much from his age. But for every victory he enjoyed to remain sorrowful, anxious and concealed in the darkness he didn't want to face. What is Marco in your life Rafa? Will he complete your longings? Will you stay in the shadows of the dark or give it a vivid color and float the rainbow after squall and storm? Marco said: ' You are a huge part of me. You are the race, the business, the work and the life that I love. You have nothing to prove because I know your fears and I can sense you are perturbed and unsettled. I will be a friend, Brother, I Love You and whatever love I can offer it is a love which I know will set you free...