The current age had far long enough traveled way way too far into the future. The Primitive, Medieval, Stone, Copper, Iron, whatever, Revolutionary, Modern, Technology, and Old age... pfft haha 'old but gold' they say...

The current year was now the beginning of 3001

Right now it was the so called "The Virtual Age"

Far advancement through AI that had finally bear fruition at the cost of over trillions and trillion's worth simulations and fundings

The world has undergone a huge change, over the years. The atmosphere has finally gotten its long deserved break as pollution no longer trouble the world. Electricity ran through the streets now, and If you ever wondered if cars could now fly? well nope... you got it all wrong. While indeed it was a nice idea, just think about it financially, how much would that possibly cost?

The beginning of "The Virtual Age" driven many people into an uproar, the reasearch itself lasted many years of effort and had even been passed through few generations

The opening of Virtual World isnt just as petty as the olden age and had also opened various possibilities for many fields

Teaching proficiency has achieved major improvements through its help . It also advanced the scale of Medical facilities. Military inteligence and training plus other more fields had also improved themselves throughout the years

The currency has also fallen into unified credits, and the industries has now announced a very new game in the market

The first on its kind, the so called VRMMORPG

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The government has taken priority of other things while clearing the possibilities and defects first. Taking them into accounts, they announced the first release of a game through media channels nationwide

An advanced game that make use of peoples wavelength to actively match and correspond their body's activities and send it to the game world. The game included people's half conscious state to deliver a 'lucid dream' where they could actively move their body real time

This was similarly used into people who have suffered coma and had successfully brough their conscious into 'dream' state. Many people had the chance to talk back into their relatives and brought in positive result to the test. As for why was still unsolved, coma wasnt to be treated lightly, but since the start of Virtual Age or like Virtual Era, many methods for saving them were now being rapidly developed

The VRMMORPG was named Azel's World Online.

Wherein a setting where the concept of magic existed. It was a vast land filled with adventure and the likes, with the thrill of danger with treasures as rewards waiting for them

The game was set to be released to the public as a start off for the year

Many news of its existence happen to be announced into the public, but that only happened by the time when the year was on its end

Some were speculations and some due to the so called early players who happen to be part of the limited Beta Testers, but many knew that it was to pump up the masses for its announcement

The VR console was entirely different to the old age as they give point a new unique sense.

A specialized cabin to help preserve peoples body whilst under their half conscious state. Also it is stated that you have to intake balanced died to avoid any disturbance into the body. It also added a function to block off sounds to avoid unessesary risks of forcefully breaking off the link

Azel's World Online, is a medieval world set up to increase people's enthusiasm into the old world's custom. Adding to that is the new concept of magic that they had to mend and keep in mind along with their advancement

The game was set to provide people with unlimited variables, added to the concept of cold arms and wizardry from olden days to see how far the progression could possibly change

The new Age had far developed further refining methods to alloys and had managed to breakthrough its limits. Implementation of Railguns and Proximity Lasers due to the new convenience of Electricity Resources. An appearance of few more Elements to add into 'Periodic table of Elements' resulted by various changes that appeared into the world. And lastly... the success in creation of artificial plants that could similarly provide photosynthesis




But you know what's funny?


Despite this many words, we havent even started the story...