1 Prologue 0: End of the Beginning ( Part 1)

In the vast emptiness of space, two celestial beings floated in the air as they faced each other.

They were covered in mist which made it difficult to look at their faces and their body shapes.

It was difficult to judge their size as there was nothing in this vast emptiness to compare them to. They floated in front of each other before a voice sounded.

"Why did you do it?" A voice that felt like it came from everywhere said. It was difficult to judge which of the two spoke. The voice sounded neutral, whether it was male or female was unknown.

"I had to... I wanted to... It felt like something I must do to make that world a better place, " another voice sounded. Like the first voice, it was difficult to judge which existence said it as well.

There was only one difference between the second and the first voice was the fact that the first one sounded neutral and the second contained some emotion judging from its tone.

"You didn't make the world better, instead everything was ruined... You played with the natural order. You created something unnecessary," the first voice emotionlessly replied.

" I did not play with the natural order. I modified the natural order to make it what it should be," the second voice echoed filled with determination.

The whole place began looking unsteady as spatial cracks started developing in the vast space.

"This decision of yours created suffering. You created sickness... a world that shouldn't be...," the first voice said.

" I created meaning in life. I made every life important and created true happiness," the reply of the second voice echoed in the atmosphere.

" You created something vile that this universe didn't need. You made the wrong decision which beings like us shouldn't make. We are perfect beings... we should create perfection, not an imperfection! " The first voice heavily said.

" Do you think that you can judge me? That you decide what's right and wrong? You created what you wanted while I created what I wanted. You think you were right while I know I was right," the Second voice lamented.

" What I created was happiness, safety, and prosperity. What you created was the complete opposite. It was chaos and mayhem.

You created immortals while I created mortals. You gave your creation immense strength while I gave my creation immense potential. You gave your creation a long life, I gave my creation a shorter lifespan with the opportunity to increase their lifespan if they so desired," the Second voice responded with a little bit of emotion.

"We have both been in existence since the beginning of the universe. We both know the meaning of a longer life span better than the so-called immortals you created. Immortality is not what I want for myself and my creation. I didn't have a choice but I'm giving my creation one," the second voice insisted.

"Only when life becomes precious, can one know how to value it. I want them to live every moment they have to their fullest, as life can have a limit. I could have given them only happiness and strength, but I gave them sadness, disease, loss of their loved ones as a means of creating value in life... in happiness... true happiness!!!, " the second voice continued.

There was a moment of silence as no one said anything. It was as if the whole universe halted in time.

"Your thoughts have gone awry. You can't differentiate right from wrong," the first voice sighed as it broke the silence.

"You can't do as you please anymore or one day the whole natural order will be destroyed if you are left alone. I can't let that happen... I need to stop you from using your powers like this in the future... even if that means going against you, I will not think twice!" The first voice sounded again. Although the voice felt light, the willpower it contained made the whole world tremble.

"We both came into existence at the same time and hold similar strength, but I will do what I have to. Even if that means destroying everything that I have worked so hard for... It must be done for the future of the World, " the first voice echoed in the vast emptiness

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