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Awakening Of Belus


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What is Awakening Of Belus

Read Awakening Of Belus novel written by the author plutus on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, cultivation, dark, tragedy. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Belus packs everything, takes his wife and kids to journey towards the capital of the Finna kingdom to flee the war. Belus has no magic or power for that he would have to flee for protection until the war had settled down. Belus always hated himself for not having any power. Belus gets to experience what it is to be truly weak on his journey, he is tested with the lives of his family memebers along with his dignity. Death looms over Belus at everyturn until one day an unexpected event happened along his journey, that was both a blessing and a curse. it was DEATH.

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I thought this book was going to be bad, well i guess it changed my mind by proving me wrong. The story is well put together and it doesn't feel like its being rushed. I hope for more chapters.


Very good novels with an interesting plot and intrigue,you can feel the emotions of each character, the author knew very well how to start the novel and I have great expectations of this last.


I THINK I JUST HAVE FOUND A GEM OMG, keep up the good work i would like it if there was more back story to how cultivation works but other than that its great novel.


I thought this was going to be a trash novel like most beginning books are that i have read in the past. This novel is only 13 chapters long and has me hooked like crack. Keep up the good work Plutus. This novel really gives you a sense of character development unlike most novels where they just copy shot off each other this one actually i would say is an orginal among all those. If you like a good read give this a go, but im warning you of you will be hooked i hope the author continues.


Hi plutus, nice story, by the way are you the same plutus author of who made me a princess, if you are, pleaaaaase post you're official english version of the novel, pleaaaaase, i reaaaaly LOVE IT


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