1 Unnamed

I have awakened. This is the only thought that crossed my mind as I looked at the strange scene before me. I was one of the fortunate, or unfortunate, humans who have awakened.

My name is Eric Alexander. It is December 7th 2117. Today is my birthday. In a sense my awakening could be seen as winning the lottery. Every child dreams about becoming an awakened, about wielding the power that comes with it. However, the unfortunate truth is that less than 1% of the population manages to awaken. You only have a single chance, and that is at the stroke of midnight on your birthday.

When you awaken you have no idea what you will awaken as. There are a plethora of classes out there, and you could awaken as any one of them. On top of that an awakened woke up an innate trait. A trait that bypassed classes, meaning that the people of the same class would have vastly different paths of growth, depending on what innate trait they had awoken.

These traits had no rhyme or reason, It was like some higher being had cast a die, and you were forced to deal with whatever choices had been made for you.

I let out a sigh, as I said the words that many youth had been preparing to say for their entire lives.


Name: Eric Alexander

Class: Necromancer

Innate talent: Mana Factory

Hp: 25 Mp 25

Strength: 5

Dexterity: 5

Intelligence: 5

Wisdom: 5

Vitality: 5

Skills: Life Siphon


I sighed as I looked at my awakened abilities. A necromancer was not a bad class. It was not a common one, and it had a lot of potential. I sighed because I had not awakened with the signature summon skeleton skill, rather with the Life Siphon.

[Life Siphon]: A channeled skill that absorbs heath from the target and heals the user. Damage based on Intelligence. Costs: 10 mp per second

It was a decent skill, but it had a high mana cost. It had to be channeled to boot, this meant that no other spells or abilities could be used when it was active. This wouldn't normally be an issue, But as it was the skill I had awakened with it would be whats called a "Signature Skill".

A signature skill was something that grew along with the awakened. It would grow more powerful as the user leveled. All other skills learned would also be based off of this skill. It was the path the awakened would follow.

If I had awakened the summon skeleton skill I would have been able to become a powerful summoner, and would only require my summons to fight as I collected skills to upgrade them. In reality I could still collect those skills, but I would be nowhere near as powerful as if I had awakened with Summon Skeleton as my signature skill.

With a heavy heart I looked at my Innate trait. I had already gotten off to a bad start, I could only hope that the gods had not complelty abandoned me.

[Mana Factory]: Users mana recovers at 10 times the normal rate.

I could not help but exclaim in shock as I looked at the innate trait. Mana recovery was based off of an awakened's wisdom. 10 points in wisdom were equal to 1 mana per second, so half of that was 1 mana every 2 seconds. With the ten times recovery rate I could currently infinitely cast my skill.

I could only pause for a moment as I tried to recall what all of the stats did.

Strength: How Physically strong an Awakened is. Increases physical damage and movement speed.

Dexterity: An Awakened's hand eye coordination. Increases attack speed, reflexes, and accuracy.

Intelligence: Effects the users mana pool, magic power, and casting speed.

Wisdom: Effects mana recover rate and magic defense.

Vitality: Increases an awakeneds total Hp, Hp recovery, and physical defense.

Each of the 5 attributes were important. The level of their significance depended on the class that a person obtained. As a caster type class the most important attributes for would be Intelligence and Wisdom, with Vitality following behind that.

Thankfully, Awakened did not have to worry about attribute growth too much as attribute points would be distributed automatically each level up. These points would be distributed automatically on each level up, depending on how you set the distributaion in the system.

I quickly set this up, as it was not something I was incredibly worried about. I had done plenty of research up to this point, and had decided on the standard 2:2:1. Two points in Intelligence and wisdom, and one point in Vitality. I could have potentially went with a 3:1:1 distribution because of my innate trait, but I figured that would be a waste of the trait.

When I was done checking my stats, I finally paid attention to the scene in front of me. Before me was a sprawling city, and at its center a gigantic tower. I knew what it was, as I had previously done a lot of research on the topic.

This was the Awakened city, and its center was the tower of trials. This city was the goal of all the youth in the world, and the envy of all those who had not awakened. The city that was the center of the world. The city one could not even hope to enter if they did not have the qualifications. The qualifications were simple. To enter the city you must be an awakened.

Only the awakened could enter. Only the awakened leave. It was an automatic ability that all awakened gained. With just a thought they could enter or leave the city.

I let out a sigh as I looked at the city in front of me. I had made it. I was one of the lucky or unlucky few who had managed to awaken. Endless power waited for me. I just had to fight for it.