Awaken Demon Lord Valerian
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Awaken Demon Lord Valerian


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What is Awaken Demon Lord Valerian

Read Awaken Demon Lord Valerian novel written by the author Black_Sage on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering adventure, reincarnation, videogame, vampire, devil. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


"I am Valerian Erebus Jata and I am the progenitor of all Demons. The First vampire or Origin, if that suits more to your taste. But, believe it or not, in another life I was a human. Yes, human. Sometimes that life feels like a distant dream now. In numerous eons that have made up my life, you are only one of the two beings that I have told this. You should feel honoured. There are very few things that I have not seen. No joy I have not felt. Very few pains I have not experienced or inflicted and even fewer atrocities that I have not committed. I have ruled over a few empires that spanned continents and destroyed many more than you can imagine. Why? The answer is unfairly simple. After so much time, one's sense of ethics and morality slowly gets eroded and a sense of arrogance and self importance begins to seep into your very soul. Yet after a lot more time, you begin to have regrets. See different paths but by then, you have already created oceans of steaming blood and mountains of fresh corpses. I fear no one's vengeance. Most who dared go against me have already met their Maker and their Maker dares not step up to harass me. I need pay no penance. What I did was for my survival and the survival of those I care for. All I want is a peaceful immortal life but there are pests like you that come out of the wood work and cause me to fall back on old habits. I really enjoyed this chat but I have a dinner with my children and they hate it when their Father is late. You, swine, thankfully, are not on the menu. My palette is quite sensitive so you must die now, like the little pig you are." ***** Daily updates but one chapter a day. For three chapter comments = Shoutout in author's thoughts For three power stones = One extra chapter [Daily limit] For a review or feedback = a shoutout and two extra chapters ENJOY!


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Very fun and at the same time depressing. Rank and status means everything in this world and the same can be said about us. Ignorance is truly bliss !! ................................................................................................................................


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The story is well written but just not for me. As some one who enjoys OP MC'S didn't enjoy the Mc of this novel one bit he was disappointing and too pompous for my liking and he talks too much. It degrades his character. well good luck to the Author though.It was a good try.


I am also part of the shameless. I hope you read and enjoy this novel. I ask that you give it a chance and engage with me on my instagram @george_magagula.


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