1 The Abandoned Maiden (2.0)

"That's her right…the one whose title got stripped off?"

"What a pitiful creature."

"Heh, serves her right. It's because she approached Duke Agme in a mean way."

The news about me spread like wild fire in the noble society. Carrying my luggage, I went off to the main gate, where my friends and family awaits. Are they there just to see me off?

As I pass through the gate, I heard the words that crumpled my heart.

"You're a nuisance in our family. Get lost."

"Good thing that we've finally got rid of you."

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"You're nothing without your title. We're no longer friends."

I heard more of those mean statements here and there. I shed a tear or two, and bit my lips. This is the bitter truth behind their smiles and laughter when I'm still a viscount candidate eh? What a facade. Very well I shall accept it. I walked in a slower pace to hear the mockery of these individuals I previously seen as my loved ones. All of these things happened to me after I confronted a noble harassing someone. Who cares if he's a duke candidate or not? I prioritized the lady's safety. When my father heard of this, he immediately summoned me to his room and told me that I brought shame to the Cross family. Just for that.

I grit my teeth.

I'm sick and tired for this status thing!

That's it. I'm going to find a place where everyone smiles! Since I'm now free of nobility, I shall do anything I want!

Well, that's the plan but…

I'm wandering aimlessly in the far north of the Kecchin Kingdom's Royal Capital - Lucent, the place where I used to live in. The only thing I have now is my luggage, and my own self. I have nowhere to go. It's already been two days since I got banished, and I'm really running out of resources. There were less prey to catch, and even though I can go against beasts, I clearly don't have the stamina needed. I can't sleep well too. This day the rain poured heavily, and it added an extra burden on me. In a few moments, I tripped along the way; my exhaustion finally caught up to me.


I can't even move anymore; my body gave up already. I'm starving, I'm cold… So all of these things I'm experiencing right now are just because of a confrontation against a noble of higher status?

This is so…frustrating…

"Hey! Are you okay?"

As my consciousness fades away, I hear someone shouting and a bunch of footsteps amidst the rain.


*Two days after Avy left the Royal Capital

In the Duke Perch's household, a butler came to the garden and went to see the duke candidate. Leon, the butler, told him about the news about Avy's banishment.

The arrogant son smirked.

Agme Perch, the only child of Duke Perch, is a man with good looks and physique, with violet hair and slit orange eyes. If it weren't for his rotten attitude, he would've been the embodiment of perfection.

"She's banished? That's great news!"

"About that matter sire…"

"Hmm? What is it?"

"With Lady Avy's banishment, the military morale went low. There are also rumors that the superiors are panicking on that very fact that the best swordswoman--"

Agme slams his hands on the table and stood up.

"The best swordswoman? Don't make me laugh Leon. I am the best of the best! I have the power and wealth that any woman would fall in love for me! And yet, that woman dared to oppose me, the future duke? That's simply unforgivable! That's why, I'm so happy upon hearing such wonderful news. Don't make my good mood change to bad Leon, or you shall pay the price."

Agme glared at the butler, who didn't even flinch against such pressure.

"As you wish, sire. I shall take my leave."

The butler bowed his head, and went straight back to his room. He sits on his bed and wondering if Avy is alright. He did a deep sigh and murmured to himself.

"Lady Avy, may the gods protect you."

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