2 A Fateful Encounter

* 20 miles from North of Kecchin Kingdom

"Alas! Why is it raining so hard?"

"Shut it Sarge, you can't blame the weather here. We're living around here, which is always having thunderstorms during the night. We don't have any options, so just accept it."

"We do have an option right? We could just leave that village."

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"We can't abandon that land protected by our ancestors you know?"

"Yeah, yeah…don't do the storytelling stuff, it's annoying. It makes the boar heavier.."

"What's the relation of this and that?"

On one particular night, two lads wearing raincoats were walking home after hunting. One of them, the one carrying the wild boar, is a well-built man, has a decent height, orange hair, red eyes and has a large scar on his right cheek, is Sarge, a hunter. The other one is a physically fit person, has the same height of Sarge (who is 5'7 tall), silver-haired, green eyed individual. His name is Drayko.

"Hey, Drayko…"

"Hmm…? What is it? Are you going to nag at the weather again?"

"No you fool. Isn't that a person lying on the ground?"

"Huh? Where…?"

Drayko looked at the direction where Sarge pointed to. With such a heavy rain, he can't see that clearly, but indeed there is indeed someone lying on the ground.

"What the…let's help that guy!"

Drayko is about to sprint towards the fallen person but was immediately stopped by Sarge, who turned serious.

"Wait, Drayko."

"What is it now? We need to help her!"

"It could be just some modus of a bandit. It would be better to leave this matter aside."

"Huh!? You're the one who spotted that person in the first place! Then what if that person is in peril? My conscience can't take it."

Sarge lets out a deep sigh.

"It will be you responsibility then; don't blame me to what will happen onwards. Go on and help that guy already."

After getting Sarge's consent, Drayko scurries over the fallen individual.

"Hey! Are you okay?"


"…a woman…in the middle of nowhere?"

Drayko was shocked to see a woman, who seems to be already fainted. Next to her is her luggage, and on her waist is a sword. After taking a closer look, its skin is visibly pale and her already delicate body is becoming more fragile and skinny – signs of bad health.

"Ah! There's no time to waste! I need to bring her with me and nurse her back to health."

With that on mind, he carried the girl, piggyback-style, and walks back to Sarge, who is also shocked to know that it's a lady that has collapsed.

"Don't think dirty thoughts now young lad", said Sarge with a grin on his face.

"S-Shut up you retard!"


"Ugh, my head…"

An unfamiliar ceiling…

I'm in a small room. It has nothing except the bed I'm lying on; a chair and a table nearby. The wall and all the furniture were woodcrafts. The bed is only covered with a thick blanket; it reminded me of the bed I slept on whenever my father punished me by isolating me in a dungeon underneath our house.

"Good old days huh…"

I shook my head trying to shrug my sadness off.

I remembered walking aimlessly, and then just before I fainted, I recall someone calling out to me. So, where exactly am I? Unfortunately, I didn't bring a map of all things. Well, just knowing that someone helped me is a given. Perhaps I should express my gratitude to my benefactor.

"Oh, you're finally awake dear."

A lady appeared by the doorway. She is petite, but is cute in her own right. She possesses orange hair and red eyes. She's a bit tanned, but it further adds to her beauty. She's wearing some poorly stitched dress and has even patches on it.

I just nodded in response to her question.

"Oh, you were a mess when you came here, you know? I'm also shocked to have a guest here. I took the liberty to change your clothes; I'm sorry if that displeases you."

"Ah, no…it's fine really. In fact, I should be the one apologizing for the intrusion."

"Oh, don't worry about that. By the way, your things were in another room. As for your clothes that you brought along were soaked wet so I hang them dry right now. Please rest for now okay?"

A smile was painted on my face as I bowed gently and offered my thanks.

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