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novel - Fantasy



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They say, a reader lives thousands of lives. As a writer, I hope I can give my readers a unique experience. Reading a fantasy novel is astonishing, but creating a whole new fantastical universe is far beyond wondrous. That is what Avvenvita is. It is fantastical universe consisting of three different realms. However, it will be confusing to tell everything about it right away. Hence, this story will be focusing on the middle realm for now, and it is called as 'Zeon'. The rise of Sunhonghin Imperial Kingdom threatens the smaller nations of Zeon. In order to match the power of Sunhonghin, the nations from the Southeast formed an alliance against them. However, a streak of light fell from the sky and landed on the region of Iona, the territory of Sunhonghin Imperial Kingdom. Inside the meteor was a young-looking man, possessing extraordinarily powers and abilities. His name is Kei. He concealed his true identity and lived among the inhabitants of Iona. He aims to obtain the Void Crystal to save his kind from the Defiant, a rebellious group desiring to take control of the whole Avvenvita. Living with the people of Iona allowed him to learn the truth about the Void Crystal, the history of the land, the godly figure "Amaterasu", and the fiends lurking in the shadows to control Zeon.