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Avoiding The Heavens


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They said, "One who does good work will never come to a bad end.” They lied. They said, "Follow the right path." But what is even the right path? ---------- "By the decree of Emperor...." That was all the young man heard before his brain stopped processing anything further; It didn't make any sense to him; how did it even come to this? Where did it even go wrong? Abandoned by the ones whom he considered his own, he was pushed to the path of no return. Follow him along his journey as he wanders the world, uncovering the secrets, becoming a paramount existence. -------- Hello everyone, a greeny author here. This is my first time writing anything, so don't expect any quality work from me. I am just writing for fun and also to improve my writing skills. The cover image doesn't belong to me. If the owner wants me to remove it, please say so.


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